Iraq to buy Russian s – 300 missile system has been fully equipped with a total of 4 battalions – So-bloxorz

Iraq purchased Russian S 300 missile system has been fully delivered were equipped with 4 battalions of Sohu – Military Channel Xinhua news agency in Moscow in October 14, Alexander director of the Russian Federation Military Technical Cooperation Bureau said the day before? Fuming, Russia has been completed in accordance with the contract all S300 air defense missile system to the mission to Iran. "Russian newspaper" 13 quoted Alexander? Fuming said, according to the provisions of the contract will be Russia and Iran, Russia has S 300 air defense missile equipment shipped to Iran. But he did not disclose the specific number. Before the Russian national technology group company president Chemezov said, according to the contract, Russia years should supply to Iran can be equipped with S 300 air defense missile system equipped with 4 battalions, which part of the equipment has been transferred to Iran, before the end of the year, Russia’s surplus supply equipment work will be completed. In 2007, Russia signed the sale of S – 300 air defense missile system contract, but has failed to delivery. 2010, according to the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, Russia announced the suspension of the sale of modern weapons to Iran, missile sales contract was terminated. With the Iranian nuclear issue negotiations continue to progress and the signing of the relevant agreement, in April 2015, Russian President Putin signed a decree to revoke the previous ban, to restore the sale of S – 300 air defense missile system to Iran. According to the new contract Iran, Iran will be equipped with 4 Missile Battalion S 300 improved air defense missile system, the contract amount of more than $1 billion.相关的主题文章: