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IPhone Q3 global market share fell weak emerging market Sohu technology Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying although the global intelligent mobile phone market in the third quarter overall steady growth, but Apple should not feel happy: according to the latest research of Strategy Analytics data show that the third quarter of Apple’s share of the global iPhone market accounted for 12.1%, compared with the previous quarter was 13.6% decline. It is understood that the global smart phone shipments in the third quarter from 354 million 200 thousand to 375 million 400 thousand, the overall increase of up to 6%, the highest annual growth rate in the quarter. In this regard, Strategy Analytics analysts believe that in Asia, Africa and the Middle East (especially India and South Africa) led by "emerging markets" showed a strong market demand, and before these intelligent mobile phone penetration market is generally relatively low, provides opportunities to enter the global market from the sky. In this context, apple seem to show the Android camp has ushered in the spring of their own: according to Strategy Analytics data show that the global Android equipment, accounted from 84.1% to 87.5%. More sadly, has been tepid minorities (i.e. Windows and Tizen "niche" operating system), their total market share from 2.3% down to 0.3%. The opponent is far stronger than backward, it is understood that the apple iPhone third quarter performance is not ideal, from 48 million down to 45 million 500 thousand shipments is largely due to the overseas market: China and Africa’s market demand is less than expected. Previously, apple CEO Tim · Cook had China as Apple’s next main battlefield, but today, although the Chinese market still has its important strategic significance, but with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers (such as Oppo and HUAWEI) competition but let the war become no longer easy. In contrast, the Android brand mobile phone although the price within days, but it also has many problems: in recent years, although the Android mobile phone with machine sea tactics and low-cost strategy quickly occupy and consolidate the global market share, but as more and more manufacturers to join, more congee less will inevitably become an unavoidable issue. Difficult to profit mobile phone business and how much market demand can be used to support? No one can answer this problem, the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, bad is not an apple iPhone Android, they should also feel troubled. Welcome to the exchange of Sohu science and technology contact: · official mail: mptcitnews@sohu-inc · official WeChat: itsohucom相关的主题文章: