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IPhone 7 Plus camera is the cause of the explosion is not clear why you must admit that this iPhone dual camera upgrade Plus 7 iPhone since the advent of the biggest leap in the camera. Both amateur photographers and professional photographers have been given a more powerful portable photography tool. The camera’s optical zoom, color accuracy and low light performance are very satisfactory. But foreign media reports, in the current foreign Apple forum, some users claimed that their iPhone 7 Plus photographs of very poor quality, not only taking pictures of the picture is very vague, and appears similar to the watercolor filter effect. At present, apple officially admitted that this statement, but there is such a phenomenon iPhone 7 Plus is very small, is a small probability event. According to Apple’s insider news blog AppleInsider collected information, the current situation on the iPhone 7 Plus camera complaint is only about 81000, and not all of them have a relationship with the imaging quality. Most of the service complaints focus on some aspects, such as the user will not use iPhone or artificial damage. But users complained photographs blurred, a large area of similar watercolor filter effect pictures appear the complaint is not the case, many users have shared their own solution. A user said as long as the apple iPhone "optimization of storage" set off will not appear on this issue, some users said they will view original RAW pictures into PS’s mobile phone version on the Lightroom without this problem, should be used in display problems only in the iPhone picture, there are some photos of the user in different software to see whether the original piece of RAW or ordinary photos are a problem. Many users speculated that may be iPhone7 Plus optical anti shake function caused by mechanical failure appears similar to watercolor effect. Some users think that apple is a problem for sharpness optimization. Apple has admitted that there are such problems, but the reasons for the emergence of a more cautious interpretation, and did not admit that due to the software or its own hardware defects. Apple said that there are many reasons for this problem can not be finalized, if users encounter this problem, you can seek help to the official customer service.相关的主题文章: