Investment express] it orange November 04, including the acquisition of investment from the event

Investment express] IT orange November 04, including the acquisition of investment from the event of 31 – Sohu science and technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 love fresh bee for a new round of financing is a love of fresh bee mobile terminal positioning based on the enhanced version of the community fresh business platform, committed to creating a shared economy based on 1 hours shortdial handheld convenience stores, focusing on community last mile distribution, the main lightning served one hour. Recently, a new large bee love fresh new round of financing, the specific amount has not been disclosed. 2 brilliant space received 24 million yuan A round brilliant space is dedicated to the application of GPU technology in UAV image of the enterprise, there are abundant series and Jian series and brilliant love to fly the 3 series of products under the flag has been used in fire fighting, police and patrol inspection of oil and gas pipelines etc.. Recently, brilliant space received 24 million yuan A round of financing, investment institutions including the share of investment, the number of joint capital, Ming Zhao capital. 3 Kangyun received tens of millions of Internet mango capital Angel round of financing Kangyun interconnection is a focus on the field of medical and health service platform, in vitro diagnostic integration technology of intelligent terminal + hardware + based on cloud computing, the company developed signs of detection, urine routine, biochemical analysis, specific protein and other products. Recently, the number of millions of Internet access to the capital of mango Angel round financing. 4 Hellobike A round of financing for Hellobike is a bicycle sharing platform, it can realize the online car, the car also unlock the scan code, only on the side of the road line, manual lock, no fixed car pile. Recently, Hellobike was awarded the A round of financing, investment institutions including GGV, BAI (pleasure capital, Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund), pan Valley venture. 5 two dimensional Neta community was 3 million yuan Angel round of financing two yuan community Neta is a link from the two dimension of Pan entertainment and fashion circles, CosPlay cooperation with Buick, L’OREAL provides soft advertising, the role of embedded in the physical props, cosmetics, advertising and animation through traffic and access figure two dimensional information, and help businesses, pan entertainment fashion. Recently, the two dimensional community Neta was $3 million Angel round of financing, led by the light summer animation. 6 photon won $3 million Angel round of financing of photons is a focus on high school mathematics education institutions, the senior high school mathematics test based on diagnosis + training methods to help students access. Recently, quantum won $3 million Angel round of financing, the investor is SIG. 7 millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing apartment elephant elephant apartment is a boutique O2O flat-share apartment style company focused on high-quality lots of large-sized apartment re design, decoration, household appliances, furniture brand to provide free WIFI here相关的主题文章: