” international military competition -2016″ China won 1 first and the 17 of the second – M-nrf905

" international military competition -2016" China won the first 1 and the 17 item of the military – People’s network, Beijing, August (Xinhua) (Qiu Yue) this afternoon, the Ministry of defense held a regular press conference. Deputy director of the information bureau, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian said, "in the international military competition -2016 Chinese delegation participated in 21 projects in 23 projects, won the first 1, 17 second, 3 third in the collective project of the Communist Party of china. Reporter: recently held in Russia and Kazakhstan international military competition -2016 has ended. Please introduce the Chinese military. Wu Qian: not long ago, the international military competition -2016 curtain. The game consists of two tanks, "Suvorov assault", "air sea landing" dart ", such as 23 projects, 18 countries sent teams to participate in. The Chinese delegation participated in 23 projects in the project, in the collective project won the first prize of the 1, the 17 item of the second, the 3 name of the third. Chinese army achieved good results, not only need officers "field force", also need care and support of the public at home. The military match coincides with the Rio Olympic Games, the general public in watching the Olympic Games at the same time, the army also gave a great deal of attention and support. Here I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and respect! The Department of defense August 2016 regular press conference: Department of Defense: the reform of military news media and other areas will gradually implement the Ministry of defence: Sino Russian Lianyan topic of beauty in Korea deploy "Sade" for the Department of defense joint maritime defense action: opened "Pandora’s box" Department of defense on the first domestic aircraft carrier "is Yan values. More temperament" in response to the Department of defense military art groups "how many people will be changed because of the laid-off or dismissed" the Department of Defense: Wang India to do more peace and stability in the border areas. The Department of Defense: the army 18 Army division will shrink into "pure speculation in response to the Department of defense" Chinese fighters briefly over the overlap region in South Korea Air Defense Identification Zone defense: "North Korean soldiers carrying weapons across the border into the Chinese" pure fabrication Department of defense: Japan is not the parties in the South China Sea issue, the South China Sea dispute has no right to intervene in the Department of defense response to so-called "China increased activities in the vicinity of the Diaoyu Islands" (Cao Kun, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: