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Inner Mongolia 99% financial aid funds issued to Qixian   – Inner Mongolia Channel – reporter from the autonomous region of the Poverty Alleviation Office was informed that the progress of Inner Mongolia poverty alleviation work smoothly. The first three quarters of this year, the completion of the 90 counties in the District, 9852 Gachacun, 357 thousand households, 802 thousand poor people filing riser updates, the central and the autonomous region of the 99% financial funds have reached qixian. This year, departments at all levels to conscientiously implement the central and Regional Party Committee on the decision to deploy the precise poverty alleviation, and promote poverty alleviation work. Various sectors of the introduction of the 1+19 precise poverty alleviation supporting policies, the formation of a more perfect policy system. Before the three quarter, the completion of 802 thousand poor participatory information update work, does not conform to standard 214 thousand people, 144 thousand people of new recognition makeup done, who support clear base, who will help clear responsibilities, how to help clear, returned to the Qing dynasty. This year, the financial aid at all levels of poverty alleviation in Inner Mongolia reached 8 billion 900 million yuan, the central government issued a financial poverty relief fund of $1 billion 984 million, the autonomous region of the financial poverty relief funds allocated $1 billion 875 million. As of the end of 9, the central and the autonomous region of 99% financial aid funds to counties. Union City, counties investment also increased greatly, Union City Investment 987 million yuan, an increase of 30%; county invested 645 million yuan, an increase of 1 times. In addition, Inner Mongolia a new round of poverty alleviation and relocation work smoothly. Since May the new round to resettle since the project started, throughout the implementation process, adhere to where there are industries where to move, where can employment where to move, let the relocation of poor households to move to counties located towns, industrial parks, logistics parks, agricultural demonstration park move, the model of multi way placement, relocation, relocation and poverty synchronization. As of now, the region has been issued to resettle 2 billion 760 million yuan of funds, 78 project counties all started, 1199 resettlement project started 1172, operating rate of 97.7%. (Li Wenming) (commissioning editor Zhang Xuedong and Liu Ze)相关的主题文章: