India Divali induced severe haze pollutants reached 17 times the usual news – Sohu-running man 20130908

India Divali induced severe haze of pollutants usually 17 times – the Sohu news news agency in Beijing on 31 October, New Delhi news: the Diwali festival fireworks, India capital of New Delhi on the morning of 31 severe haze weather, 17 times the contents of pollutants in the air as usual. India media quoted the New Delhi pollution prevention and control center, said that since the evening of 9 at the beginning of 30, the content of pollutants in the air continues to rise in New Delhi. At 9 o’clock in the morning local time, PM2.5 has been more than 700 micrograms per cubic meter, higher than the normal value of the human body for 13 times. PM10 is more than 1600 micrograms, higher than the normal value of 17 times. New Delhi people in the social media to express their dissatisfaction, for a time, haze has become a hot search vocabulary. Prior to this, experts have warned that the Diwali festival will bring serious haze, because in addition to the fireworks, damp and low wind speed will also aggravate the haze weather. In before Diwali, multi initiated activities, encourage people to reduce the use of fireworks, but with little success. Diwali is one of the most important festival in the Hindu festival night lighting and fireworks is the traditional custom. For some Indians, Diwali is their way of displaying wealth. Wealthy families will buy a large number of fireworks in the festive night off.相关的主题文章: