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India, a man swallowed 40 knives in the past three months (Figure) – the international people’s daily, the man of the age of in a matter of time to swallow these knives in three months. news August 25th BBC reported in India, the northern city of Amritsar on the 24 day the doctor told reporters, through their successful operation from a man’s stomach removed 40 knife. The 42 year old man swallowed the knife in a matter of three months. Reported that a man named Maheta La (Jatinder Malholtra) said the doctor, the man in the stomach pain after last week to come for medical treatment. However, the man did not inform the doctor he had swallowed a knife. After the operation, the man has been out of danger, he is currently living in hospital rehabilitation. Five doctors took part in the operation, which lasted for up to 5 hours. "It’s a very complicated process and we have to be fully prepared before surgery to make sure the operation is successful," Dr. Maheta La said. Doctors are now trying to understand why the man swallowed the knife. They suspected that the man had a mental disorder. "Even his family didn’t know he had the habit," he said. "He is currently receiving counseling. He promised he would never eat the knife again, but his family needed to be supervised." (old) (commissioning editor Cao Kun and Yang Cheng)相关的主题文章: