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Hui Sheng Wealth: the global central bank meeting soon after the battle of the financial market is about to start the basic analysis of the euro dollar: Thursday (August 25th) Asian city in early trading, the euro is hovering near the level of 1.1270. Overnight in the European market, the dollar index concussion higher, the highest intraday high of two days since the date of 94.82. Market focus on Friday Fed chairman Yellen speech! The euro continued to decline, the lowest reach 1.1251, for one week low, in addition to the dollar, I am afraid that the Italy earthquake event. Home sales in the United States after 4 months of continuous rise, is expected in July will be slightly down from 1.3% to 5 million 500 thousand. Taking into account the strong sales in previous months, may be reduced in July, but the momentum remains positive. U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency prices are still in June data, is a serious lag. Market is expected to rise 0.3%, higher than in May of 0.2%. The dollar index is still looking at Yellen’s speech on Friday. Recently, the U.S. economic data, as well as the continued increase in the risk of sentiment, did not form too much support for the dollar. The Fed is trying to increase the outside world is expected to raise interest rates in September, but the market reaction is not strong. Fed chairman Yellen (Yellen) on Friday (August 26th) speech has the ability to change the situation in the dollar. Operation strategy today: technically, the exchange rate down through 4 hours of M – line head and neck position, so the downward continuation probability, hit 1.1270 days near the short space, stop 1.1300, below the target 1.1170. international gold dollar: fundamental analysis: Thursday (August 25th) Asian city in early trading, the international spot gold trading at 1324 line. The market is expected this Friday Yellen speech will show interest in the Hawks on Wednesday (August 24th 20:40), the dollar rose, gold spot gold and silver fell short, two minutes call down nearly $12, fell below $1330 an ounce, refresh the July 29th lows. Jackson Holzer, global central bank [micro-blog] annual meeting will be held on this Friday, as an important window of sound Fed policy, Fed chairman Yellen’s speech will be highly concerned by the market, the global market will be waiting for the Fed time". In the past, the signal will be served as chairman of the Federal Reserve used the occasion to release the direction of monetary policy. Although the Fed announced the July monetary policy meeting minutes show that Fed officials agreed that the need to remain cautious before starting the next interest rate hike, but there is still a big difference as soon as possible to raise interest rates. Federal Reserve announced the July discount rate meeting minutes. Minutes show that the increase in the discount rate to increase the Fed’s 2 regional reserve, is the first time since December last year, the majority of the region to support the Fed raised, or hinted to support the adjustment of the main policy rate. Operation strategy: today from the 4H view, overnight international spot gold has dropped down, the overall operation within a large triangular interval, the adjacent intervals along the key support, if effective below the position of gold prices will further decline,.相关的主题文章: