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In addition to God car Wuling Hongguang, 100 thousand purchase of these 7 MPV as suitable for the car – car home Sohu tea original articles, author Lu Yanfei, please indicate the source and author of budget of 100 thousand yuan, for some people, the car is too small, the price is low, although SUV space and practicality are good, and there is good by, but comfort is poor, so the MPV model has become the best choice of these people. So, in addition to God car Wuling Hongguang, 100 thousand yuan Car Buying budget, what are the 7 seat MPV is more suitable for home? Po Chun 730 official guide price: 6.08-9.28 million tea brother comments: in the MPV market, in addition to Wuling Hongguang, is the best-selling Baojun 730, atmospheric modeling, spacious space, rich configuration, high cost, less than 100 thousand, if not to buy SUV, a little to buy big space and grade. It is really worth to start. Fumei seven seat version of the official guide price: 7.89-12.89 million tea brother comment: as a classic hippocampal premarin successor, before this car in the new MPV called V70, later renamed the car seat seven Fumei version, workmanship, space, geometric configuration of Premarin has greatly improved, but also a cost-effective, comfortable home MPV models. Beiqi Wei Wang: 6.78-8 million M50F pre-sale price of tea brother comments: in the 6-10 million price range in the MPV market, Po Chun 730 has maintained a larger advantage, however, this upcoming M50F may of Wei Wang Baojun 730 caused great threat, the car has a spacious space and excellent workmanship, and rich configuration overall, the product is Baojun 730 ifheavier, from the sale price, good price, see the Guangzhou auto show its listing price, is worth looking forward to the car. Than the speed M3 official guide price: 6.19-8.39 million tea brother comments: This is just a listing of MPV models, positioning and Baojun 730 is relatively close, the same appearance, spacious 7 seat, reasonable design, high practicability, and price performance is also good, just because it is a new brand, so there is a a user’s cognition and understanding of the process. AI Ruize M7 official guide price: 7.99-10.79 million tea brother comments: M7 is actually a AI Ruize good comfort MPV models, its position and the seven seat version is closer to the mark, the car design is relatively mature, excellent workmanship, relatively steady chassis tuning, although Chery marketing work done in general, the car sales performance in general, but can not say that this car is a good car AI Ruize M7. Private cars do not want to be fooled: morning car相关的主题文章: