Improve the success rate of female IVF, Greek rhyme to help – Sohu maternal and child shishangqiyi

To improve the success rate of IVF women, hope to help Sohu – rhyme maternal review: July 25, 1978, with the birth of the world’s first test tube baby, Louise Brown, opened a prelude to the research of human assisted reproductive technology after in vitro fertilization continued success for the treatment of a variety of infertility. At present, more than 4 million of the world’s babies have been born by this technology, and the Robert, the inventor of test tube baby technology, has won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in Edwards in 2010. The importance of human assisted reproductive technology has been fully affirmed. What are the factors that affect the success rate of IVF? The success rate of IVF in people’s impression is a difficult number, many people choose to give up because of the low success rate of IVF and IVF success rate is low, because people generally do IVF treatment free fruit or patients is the older patients, which affected the success rate. The success rate of IVF depends on many aspects, including the technical level of the female endocrine and laboratory conditions, technical staff, patient’s age, ovarian and uterine conditions and there are no other diseases and so on, the impact on the woman’s age is the most significant. The average age of 25 to 35 year old women IVF success rate is higher than 30%-40%, some can reach 50% or higher, but the success rate decreased gradually after the age of 35 to 40 years, only about 20%, because of age, the number and quality of eggs decreased. However, the three success rate is generally up to 80%. Clinical data show that women take a period of time before the test tube baby eggs, Greek, can greatly improve the success rate of ivf. What do IVF success rate will be relatively high population generally have IVF needs, more young women of childbearing age in the higher success rate at this time, whether it is physical condition or egg quality are in relatively good times. Therefore, IVF success rate is relatively high. With the growth of age, ovarian function will be weak, once the 35 year old, IVF success rate will be significantly reduced. Secondary infertility is not a congenital disease factor, but due to acquired factors, and had a history of pregnancy. This part of patients with IVF success rate will be higher than those without pregnant couples experience, suggesting that their embryo viability is good, just because some acquired factors led to their not successful pregnancy. Female patients with severe psychological stress, endocrine system will be affected, resulting in the embryo can not be successfully implanted. Therefore, it is very important to relieve the psychological pressure and communicate with each other. It can be seen that the ovarian function is good, high quality eggs, then stay relaxed IVF success rate will be relatively high, how to improve egg quality, strengthens the function of ovary to improve the success rate of IVF? Improve female infertility test tube baby success rate, hope to help to the success of rhyme IVF, improve.相关的主题文章: