IMF officials are expected to increase the price of China’s property tax levy will be recommended

IMF officials are expected China prices will callback suggested the introduction of property tax IMF Chinese officials expect prices will callback according to Xinhua news agency, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials said on the 6, to support the real estate market regulation policy Chinese local government recently introduced, is expected in the city’s rate of increase in housing prices will be rising. Deputy director of the Asia Pacific IMF Marx · Rod Raul day in the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook said at a news conference, the recent part of the big city China appeared by the rapid rise in prices is not sustainable, it is expected that these city housing prices will be rising. Recently, some local governments have introduced new real estate market regulation policies, including changes in mortgage regulations, these macro Prudential policy measures to curb the rapid rise in housing prices is appropriate. Rod Raul believes that in recent months Chinese prices rise quickly, especially in some big city, this reflects the market factors of housing demand is greater than supply, on the other hand also reflects the local government earlier cancelled some purchase restrictions and measures to deal with the real estate market downturn, the bank issued a lot of housing mortgage loan. In the long run, Rod Raul suggested that the China property tax, which is not only conducive to increase the local government revenue, but also conducive to better regulation of the real estate market, but from the real estate tax legislation to implement takes a long time, unable to cope with the short-term prices rise too. Director of the Asia Pacific IMF Li Changyong said at a news conference that day, the expected short-term economic growth China remains strong, if it continues to maintain the current growth momentum, IMF may need to raise the Chinese 6.6% economic growth forecast for this year. But he also warned that excessive credit growth, the real estate market adjustment and slow reform of state-owned enterprises may bring risks to medium-term economic growth. In addition, IMF President Lagarde and President of the world bank, 6, called on countries to take measures to make global economic growth more inclusive. Lagarde day in the IMF and World Bank annual meeting held before the autumn said at a news conference, the current global economic woes, countries should make economic growth more inclusive, more attention to domestic vulnerable groups, in order to resist the rise of anti globalization trends. Lagarde said, in addition to trade, new automation, 3D printing technology of digital economic era is changing the manufacturing and service industries, in order to allow citizens to better participate and benefit from all countries should increase investment in infrastructure and education, to improve the quality of the people. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: