Idle fish selling vulgar pornographic products even the original silk stockings, the city are chatti-avbox

Idle fish selling vulgar pornographic products: even the original silk stockings, the city has a public day before chatting to the Beijing morning news reporters reflect, in the secondary trading platform idle fish APP, was the sale of original silk stockings, underwear and other vulgar pornography. In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporter unannounced visits found that some sellers sales of such goods and even offer city chatting and other services. Yesterday, the idle fish customer service, said a similar situation can be reported complaints. Our product sales openly Chen told reporters that he used in platform free fish shop, found the shop owner to sell "original silk stockings", not only that, in the sales page is hanging on the Zhangdian main wearing stockings sexy photos. "If these things to minors, the impact is not good". Reporter search found that by entering keywords, you can search for a large number of sellers selling original silk stockings, underwear and other products. In the product description, the majority of the seller will be marked: have worn, private and other words, the price of tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Reporters saw a lot of people under the product message asking price, there are people asking for private chat prices and other details. The reporter asked one of the shopkeepers, she said the stockings are sold through me. "There were people love to buy the girls through the socks, I also just to earn extra money". Software and images for the dissemination of pornographic information, including pornographic, violent and vulgar content, according to the online list of prohibited goods sold ". Obviously, the original underwear and stockings are prohibited items. The shopkeeper suspected of sex chatting reporter contacted a sale of original stockings owner, show her home, she sold the goods except through the silk stockings and underwear, the city also provides that service. After the reporter and she got in touch with the free fish, the shopkeeper said, inconvenient, said the platform will be seized, asked only to chat on QQ. The reporter added the QQ number, the owner said to provide 150 yuan an hour chatting service. "The topic is certainly you ah, the first Alipay voice transfer again. If we had a good chat, video is not". Beijing morning news reporter asked what is the content of the video, the owner said, can stockings performances or voice command, but the price to talk about. "If we had a good conversation, the price would be cheap. Voice command is why do you say I do, you do not play it?" The owner said that the price of one hour ranging from 500 to 800 yuan. "You can chat with me and see how I’m doing". In the chat, the owner found that reporters did not want to buy the intention of the chat service, the reporter will delete. According to the relevant provisions of the online sales ban: "audio-visual products containing pornographic content; porn chatting service; adult website forum account and invitation code". In this regard, idle fish customer service, said consumers in this case can be reported. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", access to the Stanford University report: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: