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"I am your eye" Lei Hao Huang Jue "will wrap up tear parting I am your eyes" Lei Hao Huang Jue, Sina entertainment news by director Yin Fei, Nie Xin screenwriter, actor Lei Hao, Huang Jue [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starring together, the old drama of bone, Leike Sheng Du, young actor Luo Yukun, Lin Hao swimming, outstanding actor’s annual inspirational emotional drama "I am your eyes will usher in" ending in Shandong TV tonight. The play at the end of the 1970s the countryside youth life as the background, tells the story of a country girl Tian Chunni (Lei Hao ornaments) and youth Chen (Huang Jue ornaments) emotional experience and inspirational stories of struggle, compose a warm touching love song. The drama in Shandong TV since its launch, won the majority of the audience’s reputation and ratings. Near the ending of the occasion, it is made in the ratings break 1 good results. A high tide of "brother and sister" suspicions over two families of TV drama "I am your eyes" is an emotion in drama. Lei Hao played Tian Chunni and Huang Jue played Chen Shi "to the eye for the media, to marry for love, but fate, an earthquake let two people missed each other, then each group of family, love deep, and in the new season, two people are facing a major dilemma. Chun Ni and Chen’s son Chen Liang (Yu Chung ornaments) was a strange combination of circumstances Chen Shi as earthquake orphans adoption, although the last two people know the truth, but not to Chen Liang told the story twists and turns there is no truth. But you never know, grew up in the Chen Liang and Chun Ni actually remarried after the birth of the daughter Xia suspected love. Chun Ni and Chen worry that the couple do not know each other’s identity, "brother and sister" will really love, take some means to separate them, so that the two families into a mess and contradictions. When will Chen Liang know the truth? Chun Ni Chen real and how to face the truth after the Chen Liang? All this will be one of the highlights of the drama, affecting the audience’s feelings! Lei Hao Huang Jue staged a large tear apart "TV drama" I am your eyes "by touching love truth won good reputation ratings continue to rise. The strength of the actor Lei Hao and Huang Jue co star, plus a surprise, the old drama of bone, Du Leike Sheng source strong escort, let the staff acting online, the audience with the characters of the characters with the cry, laugh, when the screen is the interpretation of the story of others, empathy is the screen outside lose self-control. It is reported that, in the end the plot development, Lei Hao Huang Jue will be the "tragic end", played by Huang Jue Chen Shi is suffering from a serious illness ordeal when Lei Hao played Tian Chunni also will face "severe blow blind", and he and Chun Ni (Hao Leishi) "by eye and loves, will the eye and the final promise will be realized, the rough road lover will be how to face this" dying "? "A good story, there are always able to impress the feelings of the people". TV drama "I am your eyes" is such a drama, not exaggerated effects, not exaggerated content, with a good story of love heart, let the audience become warm winter drama. The play tonight will be ending, please lock Shandong TV evening prime time theatre, and "I’m your eyes" to spend the last good time. )相关的主题文章: