Hubei crazy knife robbery finger fanatics black driver stabbed 3 people grab 2 car-cagliari exchange

Since the Hubei crazy knife robbery finger fanatics black driver stabbed 3 people grab 2 car "finger fanatics" was arrested in mid August in Qianjiang City, the total population, Zhang Jin, Haokou and other places have occurred in five in the "black" driver with a knife robbery, causing a bad influence to the social order. August 19th, Qianjiang City Public Security Bureau police station received a warning. A black driver was a young man from Haokou lie to Zhou Jidong Jing River embankment implementation knife robbery. In the process of resistance, the driver was chopped. In addition to being robbed more than and 100 dollars in cash, the young man robbed the car. Because the scene is very remote, no monitoring probe. Only the victim’s description, it is difficult to lock suspects. While the police search for clues, and there were 4 series of black driver robbed case. According to police analysis, these cases should be the same as. It turned out that none of these cases occurred in remote sections. Although the "black" driver Zhang Jin, the total export, Yunlianghu. However, they all reflect the same details of the implementation of knife robbery is a young man, local accent, a tattooed and left three finger. In this series of knife robbery, 3 people have been stabbed and robbed 2 cars. Behind crazy crime suspects, causing a bad influence to the social order, Qianjiang police immediately formed a special classes investigation. Monitor screenshot Mopai, Haokou into a person’s possession of a special class of sight. He belongs to the social idlers, because of drug abuse has been repeatedly hit. The most critical thing is that the characteristics of the "black" description of the driver is very consistent. Moreover, in the case of surveillance video, police found his figure. May be the police investigation alerted the tube. On the morning of September 1st, he rented a car and fled to Yichang. The use of technical means, a lock tube program hiding in Wujiagang District of Yichang city Yijuminlou, in cooperation with local police, the police on the morning of the second day, will be sleeping in a tube was arrested. Stabbing through the trial, a tube of repeatedly with a knife robbed black driver confessed to the crime. At the same time, he also explained that the acquisition of stolen robbed Zhugentan yang. Second days afternoon, the police arrested the suspect received stolen goods will be done in one vigorous effort. Currently suspects tube, Yang has been under criminal detention. (source: ridge upstream reporter Sun Bin Zhou Beibei correspondent Yuan Chengzhi)相关的主题文章: