HUAWEI P10 suspected exposure the appearance of large bright prototype! Sohu digital tsumori chisato

HUAWEI P10 suspected exposure: the appearance of large bright prototype! After 9 Mate digital Sohu, HUAWEI next to heavy flagship is P10, and now the netizen released two so-called P10 prototype spy photos. From the Post Bar friends released the so-called P10 circular machine care, the back of the machine is also a double camera, highlight the antenna design, with iPhone 7 similar processing mode, a signal is placed on the top and bottom. In addition, the design of P10 prototype with Mate 9 is somewhat similar to the radian of the edge of the fuselage is smoother, with a narrow frame, the bottom of the touch screen with a physical Home button and the integration of the fingerprint identification function, before there was news that P10 will use pre design of fingerprint recognition. As for the back of the camera next to the word Hanzo, it is not clear what the specific meaning, it is possible to develop code, and the back of the gorilla also represents what? Must say that this may be the prototype of P10, now released from the early (according to the Convention should be released next month, 3-4) as the last is what remains to be seen. As configured well, P10 will not be worse than 9 Mate, the camera program is expected to continue for the set of Mate 9, but may increase the lens aperture and optical image stabilization function, also equipped with kylin 960 processor, 4GB 6GB memory options, add fast charging technology Mate 9.相关的主题文章: