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Huang Zhi only receive valuable gifts? The brokerage company responded: not true to the Yellow column (map) the evening of October 13th, someone broke the news that the Yellow listed mainland fans often receive by gifts, usually valuables, he ordered about 400000 fans from Germany, he immediately took the microphone. There are special cigarettes and LV necklace, also glad to accept, but for the high value of the gift is all thrown to the hotel. 14, Huang Zhi listed brokerage firm issued a statement, denied the claim, saying someone sinister also said yellow column to confuse right and wrong, has been diligent, treat fans as family and friends respect justice and abide by the laws, like treasure. Micro-blog broke the screenshots of the following statement: Recently, part of the network marketing, malicious fiction of our artists Mr. Huang Zhilie stated in the words and deeds, without investigation, subjective, black and white with an ulterior motive, "Huang induced listed fans expensive gifts, discarded cheap gift of nothing" in some manuscripts, the yellow column caused by Mr. personal attacks. The derogatory remarks on yellow has caused by Mr. columns caused extremely bad influence, bring great distress to the life and work, it is harm to the relationship between artists and fans of the family. Since Mr. Huang Zhilie began his career at Chinese diligently, with fans as family and friends respect justice and abide by the laws, like treasure. In order to be able to better communicate with fans, Thanksgiving fans love the heart. Mr. Huang Zhilie will not only fans gift treasured, often between fans and exchanging gifts, in their spare time is to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, with fans sincere heart remarkable. For such unwarranted discredit phenomenon, our request to immediately stop the spread of rumors spread, such as a Division I will take legal means to protect the rights and interests of artists. At the same time, thanks to the fans in the face of deliberate disinformation, to give strong support to the column of Mr. Huang, also please fans do not easily believe that unverified news reports, to boycott the network violence.相关的主题文章: