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Hsu Chi film "forgetful village" talking about life after marriage Sina entertainment news November 22nd, the movie "forgetful village" held a press conference in beijing. Hsu Chi and Wang Qianyuan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Chang Hsiao Chuan, Tony Yang attended, but was cancelled because the group visited links, like Hsu Chi said nothing about married life. The film tells the story of "forgetful village" in a mysterious village, because of a casual visitor’s visit and a "Lotus" mysterious treasures, triggered a series of amazing stories. In order to introduce the characters in the movie set, "Lotus artifact, the scene was designed for multiple situations. However, as the mayor’s wife Hsu Chi has been unable to remember their lines, so that the scene bursts of laughter. Although in the film and the mayor madam is The imprint is engraved on my heart. first lover, but in reality Tony Yang couldn’t help her "scolded": "call you back to Taiwan! I’m not going to talk to me." The results of the scene Hsu Chi sell Meng: good fierce Oh, someone fierce actress!" In addition to Tony Yang’s first love, the lady and Chang Hsiao Chuan the secret admirer, Hsu Chi scene said Tony Yang was "mistress", Chang Hsiao Chuan is "small", Wang Qianyuan said: "a poor village body became porn." It is reported, "forgetful village" will be in January 28, 2017 (New Year’s day) release. (Liu Jiaqi Lu Xueting Wen botu (video) commissioning editor: Rolls Royce)相关的主题文章: