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How to train to let the baby learn to speak faster? – Sohu maternal and child to 6, 7 months, and slowly will be issued with some of the voices of a similar speech with mom and Dad, this is a good opportunity to teach the baby to speak. Let the baby learn some of the words used in everyday life. Repeated can make the baby remember more prison, faster learning language expression. A training, baby said the first sentence of 1, often in the automatic speaking after the baby was born, parents will always be the face and voice to attract, so mom and dad can often talk with the baby. Mom and dad can tell the baby what you are doing or say something to the baby name. 2, in response to the baby, then the baby grew up slowly, in the face of their favorite things will be in Iraq to speak. At this time you can talk with the baby, and more with the baby to introduce some of this thing is what. 3, repeat routine routine activities, eating, bathing, changing diapers can talk to the baby. After listening to the baby more, will soon learn and these activities related keywords. 4, the way to speak in order to help the baby to establish language skills, parents must speak clearly, to slow down. After listening to your baby will slowly correct their pronunciation. Two, how to develop the baby’s language ability 1, use the correct grammar and baby talk, don’t learn baby talk, to use the correct grammar and pronunciation. Only in this way, the baby will be able to say the words correctly. 2, let the baby more involved in the baby can do a lot of things with you. With the baby to do housework, take things, take a walk, and then tell your baby what you are doing, so that the baby can remember. 3, often ask the baby can ask the baby some small problems, like "where is the ball? "What is a dog? This can stimulate the baby to speak, natural language ability. 4, the appropriate use of gestures when talking with the baby can use some gestures. Appropriate performance and gestures to make the baby remember more firmly. 5, reading story books, children like to listen to stories. In the baby before bedtime can give him a story, so as to increase the ability of his words, but also allows the baby to have a correct idea. 6, encourage children to speak so that the baby can speak out their own ideas. For example, when he wants to take toys, let the baby know exactly which toy. If you find the baby started babbling talk, then we must seize this opportunity, can use the above method to let the baby learn to talk faster. In order to get more information about parenting, parenting and interactive awards, please visit the baby zone website相关的主题文章: