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Psychology When you decide to undergo NLP training there are a number of things that you need to look for in your trainer to ensure that you have the best exposure to NLP techniques and their application and have someone to look up to whenever you need extra guidance or need to clarify any of your doubts related to NLP. Some of the things which you should look for in your NLP trainer are as follows:- NLP certification- Try to ensure that you choose someone who is a certified NLP trainer and that his values match those of your own. If necessary, interview the trainer personally prior to engaging him/her, over the phone, or email. Proven expertise- While interviewing your trainer, ask for references. Usually you will get references to people who have enjoyed training under that person. However, if you ask the right questions and read between the lines there is a lot you can learn about the real expertise of your trainer and the quality of his training. Determine who is your trainer- If you are going to take NLP training through some organization make sure of who is going to be your regular trainer. Many organizations invite reputed NLP personalities for a one hour lecture on some particular topic. At times these modules may not even be integrated into your training and it would be better for you to attend a presentation by this leading name at some later date after you gain a more advanced understanding of NLP. Then you may be able to ask him questions to clear any doubts and increase your NLP knowledge focusing on your personal growth. Determine the size of the class- Intimate NLP training consists of limiting the size of the class to around 10 to 25 students per class. However, the usual practice is to put in the maximum possible number of students in each classroom and impart most of NLP coaching through untested Master Practitioners instead of certified NLP trainers. In such cases even if your certificate carries the signature of some well-known NLP personality the actual value you receive from your training will not match the signature. Get the course outline- In order to be able to select the right NLP training along with the right trainer you must ask for the course outline of the training. This will let you determine the right training that you need to go for. For example the focus of the training may be NLP in business, New NLP code, hypnosis, personal growth or coaching etc. You need to pick the training that best suits your interests. Check for after training support- After completion of your training you will probably need support for some time as you put your training into practice. Therefore it is important for you to check if post-training support is available and if yes then what is the type of support. Many NLP trainers offer one to one coaching, telephone support etc. as ongoing support after training. There may or may not be some cost involved. Check for the credibility of the trainer/training team – This can be ascertained by the articles/books published by them, the presentations they have given. Many NLP trainers do not remain in business for a long time and disappear after some time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: