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How to get the brand "product force" and "marketing power"? – Zhou Xiaoyan Miss Zhao Ming finishing technology Sohu share Candy founder Zhao Ming, in a small dining table with "entrepreneurial class consumer brand consumer product selection and grinding road" as the theme, a detailed analysis from the nine aspects of the two elements of the brand "product and marketing force". The following is the speech (the small table does not affect the original intention of finishing): we are a has its own brand, its own channels of professional beauty retailer, from the perspective of "Manicure" segments in this area. I understand the "brand power" is composed of two parts: product and marketing power. Entrepreneurs do brand business, we must have a differentiated products. Manicure industry significant pain point, is the traditional taste of nail polish, nail polish remover to use a water wash, but the long-term use of washing water can cause the damage to the nail. We have to pay attention to what you choose Manicure products "this problem, the establishment of" price "," place or country "and" health "and other options, to conduct research on the nearly users. Eventually, 80% of users will be healthy as the primary needs. In addition, we found that only 5% of the girls have Chinese Manicure habits, while Europe and the United States has 50% of the girls have Manicure habits; in the crowd, China 85% of the girls choose to Manicure shop, while South Korea 85% users at home DIY. According to the research results, the Miss Candy definition of product differentiation: first, Miss Candy only can be convenient for personal use Manicure products at home, and other big brands Manicure products take the professional route; second, only Manicure health products, without a water wash. The following Miss Candy, for example, from nine aspects of a detailed explanation of the brand product and marketing power. First, the Miss Candy can be "stripped" of a nail polish. Miss Candy nail polish is characterized by its largest composition of the material for resin, do not need to wash water. We also created the world’s first "stripping" of nail gel, while the traditional way of resurrection of the oil, every nail will be thin 1 7~1 about 6, plus a water washing with acetone, great damage to the nail, and will cause damage to the liver. Second, the brand needs a good name. We decided to use the "Miss Candy" for the brand name, asked some seven or eight year old little girl can spell out, the results of the majority of little girls can write. Therefore, the final choice of Miss Candy, the Chinese name is also called candy lady, but we are the external communication of English brand name Miss Candy". Many people wonder why a Chinese original brand name in the English name for the spread of the brand name. Because a good brand name must be good, good, good communication, it is difficult to spread. So, do not care about the brand is in English or Chinese, a number of South Korea, Japan to do a good cosmetic brand, they are also used in english. Of course。相关的主题文章: