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Arts-and-Entertainment After four years of art school and countless portfolio reviews, late nights in the .puter lab, and enough espresso to kill an elephant, I made the worst mistake of my life. I graduated. Most art schools make it appear that your degree will immediately lead into a fulfilling career in which you can make your own hours, explore your artistic passions and collect a sizeable paycheck. Art schools perpetuate this myth because it makes them money your money. The truth is that graphic design is a highly .petitive field and only those with both talent and the ability to market their work will have any chance of achieving their dreams. Many talented graphic designers get discouraged, as they are turned away from jobs that they want. Unfortunately, most design schools do not provide the real world experience. Graphic designers are hired through online portfolios. In ten years of graphic and web design I would estimate that I have found 90% of my jobs online. I have often heard young designers .plain about the time and energy that goes into building a great web site. You may be reluctant to invest the effort when you could be sending out resumes instead. Would you hire someone who has never driven a car to fix your car? Why would anyone hire a web designer that doesn’t have a web site? An online portfolio is easy for recruiters to use and they will usually ask to see your work before you can get an interview. Develop skills that .plement graphic design. Take a look at the graphic design jobs in the paper. You will see words like HTML, Microsoft Office, _Javascript, and copywriting as required skills. It takes time for talented graphic design students to be.e talented graphic designers. Employers hire to fill needs and solve problems. If you can fill multiple needs and solve multiple problems then the employer will often take a second look. Because design is so .petitive, employers are often quick to hire and quicker to fire. Employers rarely fire someone they can’t live without. Make yourself indispensable. If you are the only one in the office that knows how to use a spreadsheet or change the web site then your life span could be a lot longer. Software skills pay bills Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Freehand, PC, Mac these are the most .mon terms in graphic design want ads. Software is the lifeblood of any modern design .pany and .panies need people that know how to use multiple software applications. Even if you are not creating .ps for the client you will still have a job if you are the only one that knows how to put them into Flash for the presentation. .puter skills are of equal importance to artistic skills. Do the job even if you can’t get the job When I started out, the two phrases I heard the most were under-qualified and inexperienced. So how do you handle this type of rejection? If you really want the job, then ask for three days to work on part of the project. If the employer really needs a great flash presentation for an auto site then bring one that you created with you on your next visit. Even if you don’t give the employer exactly what they want, they will be impressed with your effort. Everyone respects hard work, initiative and dedication. Look for the back door Every .pany has a back door to the design department. It may be an administrative assistant job or stuffing envelopes in a corner office or a file clerk. If you can get near the graphic design department and make friends, then sooner or later you can lend a hand. Volunteer for the job that you really want in your free time and eventually you will have the job that you really want. Get over yourself Art school is a very different place from an office building. At art school you can make a statement, be.e political, and follow your dreams. These same attributes may get you fired in an office building. I’ve interviewed talented designers who told me in interviews that they have some reservations about working in corporate America and would prefer a small environmentally conscious .pany that supports indigenous rights and vegan dietary needs. Maybe somewhere deep in the Amazon there is a group of graphic designers making $50,000 a year with full benefits, but I’ve never met them. If you don’t want the job then don’t apply for it. Most .panies are not going to hire someone who lectures them in interviews. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: