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UnCategorized It hardly needs pointing out that one of our core desires is to be happy. Yet happiness is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel for most of us. We are caught up in the uncertainties of life and the daily worries of survival in an environment that seems to be getting tougher rather than easier. All the talk about the energetic shift, ascension and the like are of little help when you are facing your own demons in a world that appears basically unfriendly and dangerous. Most of us are at a level of our cognitive development where we need to see proof that the things we are doing are working. There is now an unprecedented number of alternative therapies about and alternative medicine is booming. For good reason, because more and more of us are waking up to the fact that the old ways of dealing with our emotional health, which also ultimately dictates our physical well being, have ceased to work. Our growing understanding of universal laws makes it clearer by the day that the draconian methods of old suppress the body’s natural healing powers rather than supporting them. In case you wonder what this has to do with your ability to "do" happiness, let me tell you this: It has a great deal to do with it. Only when you understand your body and mind and how it functions as part of a much larger part, namely the universe, can you begin to understand what is involved in becoming truly happy. Happiness basically consists of three things: A healthy working and living environment, a healthy body and a healthy mind. This in itself is not rocket science, however, most people make two fundamental mistakes on their happiness quest. First, they underestimate the importance of their immediate surroundings on their mental and physical well being. (I have written about the dangers of geopathic stress and EMR, electro magnetic radiation extensively and will cover this important subject again in another article.) Second, they spend too much time figuring out why they are unhappy instead of working out how they "do" unhappiness. This is a common flaw in many therapies and personal development work. The emphasis is on understanding why you have problems. Yet, the answer to this question is so simple, that it would put most psychiatrists and therapists out of business tomorrow. The reason is always to do with unresolved early live trauma, if you have persistent problems, and if you encounter isolated problems they will be linked to an undigested experience later in your life and finally, environmental factors can seriously affect your mental and physical well being. The point though is this: While it is necessary to neutralize unresolved negative emotions to clear the road to happiness, you do not need to know, nor analyze in great detail why you have these problems. You just need to know how to clear them and there are a number of techniques you can learn easily. Remember this: You will always get what you focus on. It really is as simple as that. If you focus on why you have a problem, now, that might be interesting knowledge to have, alas it will do precious little to solve your issues. On the other hand, when you work on figuring out how you do unhappiness and begin to see the often absurd pattern you are running, you will stop running them automatically over time. So my advice to you is this: Learn techniques to increase your cognitive awareness. Focus on the how rather than the why of your actions. You will be amazed what you uncover. And your ability for true happiness will grow accordingly and your life will become more successful too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: