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How about the maternity hospital of the month club? With the gradual improvement of maternal – Sohu two-child policy fully liberalized and people’s living standard, people’s demand is also gradually scientific and meticulous. In recent years, maternal and child market have gradually entered the mature and high standard service era, more and more mothers will choose to stay in maternal confinement club. After several years of ups and downs, the capital of the month club experienced a major reshuffle, why some business continued flourishing, some business has plummeted, after the market survival of the fittest, medical grade maternal confinement club become a large number of high-quality pursuit of maternal choice. The background of professional medical discovery magic competition investigation, medical professional background into the month club competition between magic. Hospital model "production Hugh integration" bring the delivery and nursing care of "seamless", at the same time, the health status of doctors on maternal and neonatal can be controlled at any time, this make women more secure in the postpartum period, so the medical grade will be more welcomed by the people of the month club. Beijing Treasure Island Maternity Hospital of the month club is one of the typical medical grade confinement club. Set the month club position within the hospital, the hospital belongs to the month of service. Do the most direct benefit is to realize the medical support system docking, docking desktop and private care delivery link, with 24 hours of medical support system. The obvious advantage is that the doctor is rich in resources, obstetricians, newborn doctors, nutritionists, postpartum recovery division and other medical team directly to the mother, it can be said that the protection of more perfect. The service to keep up, the month more LOHAS survey also learned that the hospital background of the month club, can maintain a good level of service. Some old people are looking to follow the trend of the month club, now seems more rational. The hospital has Yuesao, prolactin division, Division B, obstetricians and pediatricians, professional team, for pregnant women to provide a full range of services. In addition, medical support combined with making the production and recovery process is more convenient, the choice of hospital confinement service, pregnant women finish production not a hospital door, you can go to postpartum nursing. One month of service combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine nutrition diet view, making "good luck" month of meals, divided into 4 stage step by step conditioning, according to the demand of postpartum women, refined confinement health services provided daily meals, six meals six to send, let pregnant women eat. All ingredients are purchased on the same day to protect fresh ingredients and quality. Dietitian with meals nutrition monitoring dietary calories, the national professional chef cook meals license. One month of service cost to build the European luxury facilities, equipped with rooming in confinement service room, rest room, visit the baby baby swimming room, therapeutic room, friends and relatives of the baby saloon, considerate service and management, luxurious and comfortable, warm and well-being of professional medical, artistic atmosphere and professional confinement cuisine, meticulous service meals. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital confinement club, Beijing is Taiwan’s cooperation with the private maternal and child nursing month service, import Taiwan private maternal and child nursing service concept and nursing process, guide maternal confinement through science, LOHAS holiday month of service!相关的主题文章: