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Housing prices get together to enter the pension real estate: profit "yinggutou" how to chew? Beijing – China News Agency, Henan branch Wang Zhongju photo " src=" 20160830; 2016830195039.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure. China News Agency, Henan branch Wang Zhongju photo " > data figure. China News Agency, Henan branch Wang Zhongju photo Beijing, August 31 Xinhua (reporter Ma Rong) Chinese population aging, is to hold up a "sunrise industry" — the pension industry. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicts that by 2030, China’s pension industry market up to 13 trillion yuan. Facing the transformation of real estate enterprises confused China smell opportunities, Vanke, Greentown, gold, Poly Real estate, offshore real estate and other simple admission pension real estate. But this is really service or gimmick? Is a new approach to the sustainable development of enterprises, or transformation under the pressure of "a"? Housing endowment Pathfinder test has only just begun. Beijing pension project — North million Mitsuhiro elderly apartment endowment real estate "cake" snatch at the end of 2015, China’s 60 years of age or older 222 million, accounted for 16.1% of the total population, by 2050s, the number of elderly people in China will be more than 400 million people, average every 3 people have 1 people. This is the day before the China Academy of Social Sciences published guidance "China endowment industry development white paper" mentioned in the data. This means that the livelihood of the pension industry will release huge economic energy. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of aging estimates, the current pension market in China has brought about 4 trillion yuan of business opportunities in 2030 may increase to $13 trillion. At the same time, from the "13th Five-Year" plan proposed to establish a home-based, community-based, institutions to complement the multi-level old-age service system". As of July, Beijing "on the implementation of the" Beijing City home-based care services Ordinance "," Yantai implementation opinions on promoting the reform of public pension institutions opinions "local policy launched, pension and real estate with the policy of" Dongfeng "time. Thus, the pension real estate has become a hot real estate business in the past two years, the direction of transformation. According to the China Index Research Institute statistics, as of the end of last year, the country has more than 80 housing prices into the field of pension real estate, pension real estate projects more than 100. Beijing, the reporter found that Vanke, Greentown, Poly Real estate, offshore real estate and other leading enterprises have written annual pension real estate development plan will also kept on different occasions the pension industry blueprint. The next 20 years, the pension industry will be born a trillion market value of the enterprise, the enterprise may come from real estate development companies, but also may come from the insurance or hospital industry." 30, vice president of Vanke Group, Beijing regional chief executive Liu Xiao Vanke and Beijing holding group (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) jointly build Yiyuan gwanghui elderly apartment)相关的主题文章: