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Hong Kong media: the United States research laser weapon against China advanced hypersonic weapons – Military – people.com.cn original title: Hong Kong media: the United States research laser weapon against Chinese advanced hypersonic weapon in Hongkong according to the Asia Times Online reported on August 24th, Chinese military is developing offensive and defensive missiles, in order to prepare for a future conflict by missile control with the United states. For decades, Beijing’s ballistic missile and cruise missile arsenal have been developing steadily, with a range of new systems being deployed in different ranges. Reported that one of the Chinese missile project is a revolutionary hypersonic glide vehicle, it can fly in the upper atmosphere, and can play high mobility in managed to penetrate US strategic defense system in the process of. Over the years, China has accused the US of a missile defense system that has undermined stability. But last month, China’s defense ministry acknowledged for the first time that the military is developing a new type of anti missile system. Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun answered questions about Chinese official ground-based midcourse missile interception test video problems in a regular press conference. In an official report on China’s efforts to build a missile defense system, the link between China’s missile defense system and the offensive anti satellite missile has been kept secret. Analysts say the two things are intertwined. The U.S. State Department for arms control affairs assistant secretary of state Frank? Ross said, 2014 conducted a missile launch — Beijing called an anti missile test — is actually an anti satellite missile test. China has conducted seven tests on the hypersonic glider DF-ZF. U.S. intelligence agencies estimate that this tool will be mainly used to carry nuclear weapons penetrate weapons defense system. The aircraft can also carry conventional weapons. In hypersonic missiles, the commander of the U.S. strategic command Cecil? Henie recently warned that the high speed mobile missile Chinese and other countries pose a major threat. The Pentagon is on the way to deal with hypersonic missiles, probably by a prior to intercept a wider range of "Sade" system and a cruise speed can reach five times the speed of sound in the missile to intercept their laser weapon. (commissioning editor Huang Zijuan and Zhang Yuke)相关的主题文章: