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Hong Dewei: Shadow roaming linkage will enable the "half man" into the explosion of national IP mutual entertainment stand Hong Dewei: Shadow roaming linkage will enable the "half man" has become a national IP explosion on September 2016 28-29, Guangzhou, by the above media, above the meeting organized by the domestic game industry pan Festival 2016 thirteenth TFC pan Global Game Conference and exhibition to carry out intelligent entertainment in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Exhibition center. At the same time, as the country’s leading interactive interactive IP hatch operators stand mutual entertainment also held an important conference, announced an important development strategy and share the company’s business model and core values. Mr. Hong Dewei standing conference, mutual entertainment CEO Mr. Hong Dewei the first appearance of the welcome speech, and the company’s business model and value share development company, at the same time, autumn, Sun Fei and other guests were around how the shadow tour development trend, how to create a fine IP, let the film and game, and truly achieve the linkage IP links to products deepening topics such as keynote speech, the meeting will be full of dry cargo to a small climax. The launching ceremony of animation clips after playing the "half man" hatching ceremony officially began, jointly launched by the times to share company on behalf of the game company, reality show and film party, Party derivatives. During the standing mutual entertainment CEO Mr. Hong Dewei made since the "half man" share listed as live guest performance, launched since March 16, 2016, the first quarter of 12 has been set over, and achieved 3 months to play the amount of breaking 100 million good results, and the network viewing warmly, "2" is a semi sequel planning among the. At the same time, standing mutual entertainment CEO Mr. Hong Dewei to share the future incubation strategy and future strategic layout of IP. Subsequently, TV drama director Liu Jiajing on the play, and how to highlight the depth around the base of the original IP to create a new height and other topics speech. Finally, the game side, the film side, derivatives parties also make relevant statements. Wonderful content already will continuously Roundtable Conference activities to a new climax, the audience always maintain high enthusiasm. Then, standing mutual entertainment and how cooperation "cultivation of College" animation ceremony began, IP director Qu Zhengming works to share ideas, applause at the scene again and again. During the shadow roaming interactive forum Roundtable, Liu Jiajing, Zhao Yihan, song of autumn, Zhengming, to discuss how to "shadow roaming linkage to create greater value". During the Roundtable, the guests quips again and again, discussions with both the depth, and down to earth, the audience hooked. At the same time, the roundtable guests and the audience also produced a lot of interaction. For the future of the company, standing mutual entertainment CEO Hong Dewei once again said: stand mutual entertainment goal is to look around the world, in order to be able to operate and create a number of world-renowned top IP."相关的主题文章: