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The first is the integrity of the credit society the only way which must be passed the November 1st meeting of the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group of the twenty-ninth meeting examined and adopted the "guidance" on the strengthening of the construction of government credit files etc.. The meeting stressed the need to strengthen the integrity of the government, the integrity of the system and the integrity of the field of e-commerce construction, social credit system is an important part of the building. To increase the punishment for all levels of government and civil servants dishonesty efforts, will harm the interests of the masses, damage the market even bargain government dishonesty as the focus of governance, to play a government integrity of other social credit construction important role model and guide. The construction of honesty and credit is a systematic project, which needs the active participation of the government, the society and the market to every citizen. In recent years, efforts to correct the lack of credit, social efforts are not uncommon. For example, Taobao’s success, largely thanks to the Alibaba by Alipay and other network tools, in the online shopping process initially solved the problem of trust between strangers. In the administrative and judicial level, for all the construction of credit system of individual citizens and the market are also rapid progress, effect previews. The implementation of the court system to limit the old Lai high consumption credit construction operations, but also for the judicial problems of "difficult to execute" to provide system support. In contrast, the construction of government integrity is somewhat lagging behind. This is not commensurate with the status of government integrity as the cornerstone of social integrity. Good faith is not only the moral standard of government behavior, but also the legal norm of government behavior. Government ruled by law must be honest. Politicians should know, "the deepest people in the history" the deep tradition has rooted in the cells of the society, this is any credit system construction can not avoid the Chinese conditions. Relative to the market integrity and personal integrity, the loss of government credit for social erosion and greater. As we all know, to establish a good faith government image requires long-term efforts, but to destroy the integrity of the image of a government is as long as one or two pieces of dishonesty is enough. Therefore, to establish and perfect the credit system, based on the selection of government integrity, let the government credibility, integrity first let officials, with the government credit to drive the market main body and personal integrity, has become the only way which must be passed. Of course, strengthen the construction of government integrity can not stop the slogan, but can not stay in the various documents. How can we improve the integrity of the government, so that mutual trust between the government and the people become the norm?. Why are some policy why officialdom fake diplomas inconstant in policy? False documents in newspapers? It is the program except cultural influence and social transformation in the climate of the password, the more important reason is perhaps a "trustworthy dishonesty would suffer, anti benefit" embarrassing reality. The way to crack is not profound and complex. To promote the construction of good faith, to praise the integrity, discipline dishonesty. In short, let and trustworthy benefit, let dishonesty can’t do anything. It is imperative, but also to improve the illegal cost of dishonesty, through the establishment of sound dishonesty disciplinary mechanism, in particular the joint disciplinary mechanism, so that those who are limited to dishonest. The central leading group comprehensively deepen reforms to "harm the interests of the masses, damage the market even bargain government dishonest behavior" as the focus of governance, and that the positive.相关的主题文章: