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UnCategorized Some people say that the name says it all – so is the Honda Legend a legend? A legend is someone or, in this case, some thing that is widely admired, celebrated and spoken about, and to be honest I had never heard of the Honda Legend before so the claim seems a bit far fetched – but, to be fair, I have never looked to buy an executive saloon before. The Honda Legend falls into the executive saloon category and aims to rival similar Audi and BMW models in terms of quality and performance. The Legend’s exterior won’t make you look twice though; the styling is quite plain so in terms of being talked about for its looks the Legend certainly isn’t a legend. BMW’s and Mercs will stand out more and the Honda Legend doesn’t have the advantage of the attractive badge. The features which are designed to impress are all in the cabin and start with the luxurious leather interior which is intended to help you travel in .fort. The dashboard is also loaded with innovative technology including Honda’s pioneering Active Front Lighting System which swivels the headlights up to 20 degrees to follow your direction of travel. This feature is primarily designed to improve your safety when turning into dark corners. The Honda has also been fitted with the unique Pedestrian Collision Pop Up Bonnet System which they state can lead to ‘a reduction of 40% in Head Injury Criteria’ .pared to other similar cars. Other exciting gadgets in the cabin include individual air conditioning and heating systems for both front seats, an electric sunroof, a rear-view camera to help you when reversing, retractable headrests and an electronically adaptable steering wheel! The performance of the Honda Legend is good too; armed with a 3.5litre engine the Legend is impressive. It also .es equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control which helps you to travel a safe distance from the cars ahead of you and their innovative Lane Keeping Assist System which helps you to keep in your lane. The Super Handling – All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system has even led to Honda stating that the Legend has the handling ability of a sports car, so you can travel in .fort, safety and luxury and feel as though you are in a sports car at the same time. So perhaps from the inside the Honda Legend is a bit of a legend – but an unspoken legend at that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: