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Hit the disk to see the effectiveness of   Nanjing, a large wave of real estate market will be intensive – people Jiangsu Channel – People’s original title: do not cover plate! Nanjing is a big wave of real estate will be listed recently intensive real estate archives are open proof of purchase Jibao ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Zhao Jie photo behind this year Nanjing prices rose sharply, the tension between market supply and demand is one of the important reasons. At the end of September "Ning thirteen" since, Nanjing began to focus on the cover plate, taking interviews, inspection, and ordered rectification practices linked to the land auction, to urge developers opening. Modern Express reporter learned that the immediate, more than once hard to find a room of real estate, will soon form a wave, especially the West real estate. The fastest opening this weekend, let me keep the phone open, ready to do everything!" A sales person told Modern Express reporter, he has received the South West City Square Kaisa sales calls, so the excitement did not sleep well at night. He said that in the first half of this year has been in the south of the west to buy a suite, want to buy second sets has not been shaking, I thought I could not buy, and now really a little surprise". South West of the Fenghua pure new disc also accelerated the opening pace, and seems to be in the city square Kaisa competition speed, two real estate news and even for individuals who purchase the original proof of the wind. As a result of the Nanjing real estate registration bureau issued a special notice requiring developers not to buy a house to buy proof. In the South West, in addition to the two projects to determine the market, Landsea Washington, Zhengrong Yun hee? From the previous "uncertain", to determine the will be the introduction of new housing in the year. Cover plate phenomenon is more serious in Central Hexi, will usher in a number of real estate market. Not long ago, the Nanjing real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office to check the number of real estate in Central Hexi, and on the spot requirements of the existence of the cover plate of the developer of the rectification of the situation, the move will take effect immediately. The new city has to declare the price, is expected to soon opened. There are several projects are expected to open during the year. In addition, a real estate sector before the NanJing South Railway Station, because do not intend to return the opening, or even to buy bank deposit 1 million yuan deposit, but also under the situation of planned opening. Relevant person said, from the cover plate to the opening of the tide, there are multiple factors: interviews, rectification notice, purchase credit limit after the market direction changes etc.. "Ning thirteen" creative requirements: if the supervision of various departments, real estate sales are still not listed, the land auction will be included in the "black list", not to participate in the shoot, this is also an important reason. It is understood that the afternoon of October 12th, the land department convened dozens of developers meeting in Nanjing, reiterated the above requirements, and that will soon be held a new round of land auction. "The increased supply is good, Nanjing current inventory of new homes is still very small, the opening tide, helps to ease the relationship between supply and demand, will help alleviate the suffering people buy buy mood, have a positive significance for the stability of the market." Insiders believe that, especially in the disc developers opened a few months later, is still strong limit, the negative effect of the The loss outweighs the gain. disc, also makes more)相关的主题文章: