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His son sun shine love girls: she is a good girl Lawrence ho Kwan upload two pictures of Coco yuan Ziqiao sun set installed according to Coco Yuan Ziqiao of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the four son of He Youjun king He Hongshen the real feelings of the world wonderful dad, worth up to 300 billion, childhood is a mathematical genius, now studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) master. And he in 2014 and "BY2" sister Yumi (Bai Weiling) love, after a breakup and Singapore 100 billion daughter Kimmy in pairs, a high-profile affair maintained for several months after the end, in the 31 day Halloween love new love, the object is Hongkong women’s "Shao Nvbiaoben" Coco, Ziqiao! According to Hongkong media reports, He Youjun and Coco were seen dressed as "commandos" Dutch act the clown, go to Ocean Park to play, but also the whole fingers intertwined, like a pair of lovers. He was 31 days in the Instagram drying out of the two photo, netizens praised cute girls, the other in the face book PO small ugly play makeup beauty shine. In the face of the outside world curious, He Youjun and the woman had only responded with a group of friends to go out to play, Halloween that day both love, he said two people just started to develop, and said, she is a good girl." He broke 3 times in 2 years of love, new love is female idol group was born, 2 people have to study abroad background, the two sides began half exchanges. ETToday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: