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Hilary left the defeated blame FBI stressed to blame – denounced Komi Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Global Times reporter Wang Peng Bai Yunyi] "Hilary lost the election, mainly because of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) spoiler". According to CNN 12 reported that Hilary and her main supporters in a telephone conference on the afternoon of 12. Hilary at the meeting and the reasons for defeat, with particular emphasis on the FBI Secretary Komi is absolutely inexcusable. Reported that the day of the meeting lasted about half an hour, the participation of all senior sponsors of the Democratic Party, the meeting is not open to the media, but the conversation participants revealed details of the media. Hilary said, before her election momentum has been very good, after being exposed, especially in the three televised debate with Trump lewd women recordings but in October 28th, FBI sent a letter to Secretary Comi Congress announced the resumption of "mail gate" investigation has changed the situation of her. 9 days later, Komi issued a second letter, said that because no new found but not accused Hilary, but the letter was "inspired Trump supporters, but also did not make the original uncertain Hilary backward swing voters." Hilary believes that the behavior of FBI to make their election road was a double whammy, but she also acknowledged that there are many other problems during the campaign, his team failed to respond properly. For Hilary’s "thrown pot", the Democratic Party sponsors do not buy it. After more than a few Democrats in the election results came out, said Hilary hard to call no blame". They pointed out that when Hilary was Secretary of state in 2009, he decided to set up a private mailbox server outside the government system. "If you start there is no private server, the FBI is out of the question," do long-term strategy work for the Democratic Party’s Jim Manley? On Saturday in his twitter wrote. "This meeting seems to be just to let Hilary after a tough campaign had a chance to thank supporters, but not for a comprehensive inventory of why would cause such shocking results". CNN quoted the words of the participants said, Hilary said "I’m very sorry to lose to Trump, but she almost did not mention other cause of her failure, for example, many Democrats think she failed to the rust belt, white working-class economy demands a clear response to. In addition, Hilary will not publicly criticize Trump, but urged supporters to rebel against the split words "at immigration and other groups."相关的主题文章: