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Hiding in the mountains to see 12000 years of the ancient ginkgo, listen to the bell – tourism Sohu in summer, to hide in the mountains at 12000 years of the ancient ginkgo tree, and the highest among the tree kingdom, golden larch, listen to the bell….. There is a beautiful butterfly. Can catch strange caterpillar here is Zhejiang Tianmu Mountain, this tree is 12000 years of history of the ancient ginkgo tree of the 2 thin golden larch is the highest in the country the golden larch. The tree King Temple Xiangyuan temple, the most famous of Tianmu Mountain side seen flocks of butterflies in Tianmu Mountain in Hangzhou is located in the north of the city of Ling’an, East, Xifeng top have a pool, like the eyes looking at the sky, hence the name. Tianmu Mountain ancient geology, vegetation intact, is well-known nature reserve, nature reserve is the only province to join the international Biosphere Reserve network. Tianmu Mountain Tianmu Mountain scenery in [1]1956 years by the State Forestry Department designated as forest reservation, as nature reserves to protect, in 1986 was promoted to the National Forest and the wild animal nature reserve, in 1996 joined the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) network, has become the world’s protected areas. Zhejiang province is the only one to join the MAB network of forest and wildlife nature reserve. The reserve is the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of science and Technology awarded the national popular science education base " " " the National Youth Science and technology education base, " Chinese is only one at the same time, " was awarded the two bases; " natural reserve title. Tianmu Mountain has a number of world records, Chinese records, including Tianmu selected World Record Association world only Ostrya rehderiana growth, Tianmu Mountain has a number of world records in the world association. Tianmu Mountain Nature Reserve existing more than three head trees more than 400 lines, known as the "tree kingdom"; "high": the height of Tianmu Mountain larch in domestic similar tree crown, the highest reached 60 meters, known as the "towering tree"; "dilute": a Tianmu Mountain many endemic species, with plants in Tianmu "there are 85 kinds of naming. One of the world’s only Ostrya rehderiana, Tianmu Mountain remains of 5 strains, known as the "son of the earth". In addition, emmenopteryshenryi, EUPTELEA, Cercidiphyllum, tapisciasinensisoliv are rare and endangered plants; "many": the nature reserve of national rare and endangered plants and 35 species of seed plants, 1718 species, 151 species of ferns, 291 species of mosses. Lush vegetation and sheltered the clouded leopard, black deer, Elliot’s pheasant, Luehdorfia and other 37 kinds of national protected rare animal protection zone, there are 74 kinds of mammals, 148 species of birds, 44 species of reptiles, 20 species of amphibians, 55 species of fish, insects have been compiled up to more than 2000 kinds of list. Tianmu Mountain is a "species gene". Therefore, by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of science and Technology awarded the "national popular science education base" and "national youth science activity center". "Beauty": Linbayashi’s colorful plants, constitute a spectacular Sen.相关的主题文章: