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Henan university students in advance to arrange internships questioned were punished. Reporter Zhang Bo Washington University is a professional mold design and manufacturing, the school arrange internship positions is on the assembly line, the cutting head label; working time more than 12 hours, the fear of "no practice no graduation certificate", people still continue to adhere to the other; some can not bear to leave early to school internship, students from school punishment…… A "professional counterparts, every day is to cut threads on the assembly line, this practice can learn what?" September 27th, Henan Institute of Materials Engineering Department of mold design and manufacture of a junior student Jia Ming (a pseudonym) is very confused. Jia Ming said, in September 9th this year, the 12 day, the school in the name "Internship", two batches sent hundreds of students to Jiangsu of a Changzhou Technology Factory internship. This thought can apply, but he came to the factory after the discovery of their own, and many students were assigned to the line, daily work is to cut the headset thread, tag. "Look at the moment to learn, to tell the truth, there is no technical content." Internship content is not associated with the professional, and in addition, the labor time is too long to let Jia Ming and many students unbearable. Jia Ming said, according to the provisions of the factory, the working time is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., have lunch and rest time, but in fact, often have to work at 6:30 in the morning to the workshop, often has to work overtime night 9 points, had more than 12 hours working time. Every night back to the dormitory, Jia Ming often even wash himself, just went to sleep. For Jia Ming’s argument, the school went to practice a number of junior students are recognized. Jia Ming and many of his classmates suspect that the school has received from the intermediary fees suspect. Jia Ming said that they came to Changzhou, under the leadership of the school leadership, and an intermediary signed a labor agreement, the original ID card was immediately taken away to the other side. Since then, they had the name of the school teacher, contacted the agency, the other Party promised that if the school arranged for students to enter the factory, to a certain number, you can charge hundreds of dollars by the labor. In this regard, Professor Zhai Demei, director of the Department of materials engineering, Henan Institute of technology, the school denied any commission, there is no rebate situation". Zhai Ren admitted that the school also received some students reflect the long working hours of complaints, the factory has rush orders phenomenon, but it is the actual situation on the matter, they have been specially sent to Changzhou and the factory communication, has achieved some success, although the factory leadership level to adjust the student work time. But at the operational level, the implementation is not good, also did not fully meet the requirements of students. According to the biography of the students "practice no diploma", Materials Engineering Department of Party branch secretary He Fuli said, "practice" is a teaching practice of the students, if the result is not good, may affect graduation, but not a simple "no practice no graduation certificate". If the student is indeed due to physical reasons, unable to complete the factory internship, you can apply for back to school, the school will be arranged separately. According to the materials provided by the students, since September 20th, due to not fulfill the formalities leave, absenteeism and leave internships, bad blood相关的主题文章: