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Customer Service High quality products are manufactured with a pre-defined precision value which helps them to achieve the desired and necessary real world working. In order to create a zero defect product, it is tested using various methods and techniques. Moreover, the methods are developed to make the product work better in different working environment. Hermetically sealed devices are tested in order to check for any leak present in the system so as it does not deviate the working of a normal device. A Leak is usually termed as an opening for fluid which acts as a narrow escape in a container or fluid-containing system. The chamber could be anything, for instance things such as tanks or a ship’s hull, through which the contents of the container can escape. This can also act as a two way process as outside matter can also enter the container. Leaks are usually accidental and therefore unwanted. Leaks could be in any form, i.e. the matter leaking in or out can be gas, liquid, a highly thick paste, or even a solid such as a fine grained or coarse grained solid or other solid particles. However, the pressure deviation between both sides of the leak can create hindrance in the movement of material through the leak. The liquid or fluids will normally slide from the high pressure level side to the low pressure side. It is also stated that larger the pressure difference, the more leakage there will typically be. An efficient method to test the presence of leaks is Helium Leak Testing. There are various companies that render their services in the domain in order to help industries and companies test their components efficiently. A new technology called the Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer system is used for High Sensitivity Helium Leak Rate measurement. This renders the efficiency to qualify the products to a new, tighter leak rate requirements of Mil-Std-883J, Method 1014.14. The specified new model uses a conventional mass spectrometer helium leak test technology. The new technology happens to be the latest in the domain at such an affordable cost. The system used in the testing is modular, machine controlled, flexible, fast, easy to calibrate, easy to use, and is maintained at low cost. It can be used to perform both the fine and gross leak test is performed in a single test sequence. Custom Leak Testing can be performed using various testing methods. The system can be automatically calibrated using two leak rate standards. 1X10-11 atm-cc/sec at the low end, and another calibration at a higher standard leak rate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: