Heilongjiang Province in October to carry out a comprehensive election election conditions announced visualboyadvance

Heilongjiang province in October to carry out a comprehensive general election campaign released a reporter from this piece of information condition (30) of the province city community organizations and residents committee held a general election demonstration training and work to promote the meeting learned that in 2016 the province city community organizations and residents committee upon the expiration of the term, the work of the election will be fully launched in October. By then, the province’s 3150 city community organizations and residents committee (including forestry administration and Land Reclamation Bureau) general election, about 20 thousand people will go through the election of Party organizations and neighborhood jobs. According to regulations, the community neighborhood committee election held every 3 years. The city community party organizations and neighborhood committees synchronous election, which is the first time in the province’s urban community election. What are the A community, two committees team members? According to the introduction, in general, composed of Community Party committee from 5 to 9, a number of vice secretary of secretary of 1 people, according to the actual situation, the 1 Deputy Secretary responsible for the work of the party. The number of members of the specific community residents committee determined according to community population size and work principle of 500 households with a post, from 5 to 9 person singular. A member of a small number of ethnic minorities in a residential committee. Encourage the current outstanding community workers, college graduates, selected graduates, demobilized soldiers, social celebrities, social organizations and other responsible persons, through legal procedures, and actively participate in the community of "two committees" election. Advocate under mature community, adopt the combined selection way, open recruitment for the community community "two committees" members, but shall not exceed 40% of the total number of members of the "two committees". B, community neighborhood election election? Community residents’ committee election, mainly by direct election and household representatives vote, members of the community residents committee principle in this community of voters produced in this community, was selected to excellent talents in community work, to encourage them to take part in the election. All localities should actively promote the direct election, and strive to not less than the total number of local surface direct election of community residents committee 90%. The community election does not advocate the resident representative election, due to special circumstances, need to take the election on behalf of the residents, should be before the election to the city (the ground) community general election work leading institutions to apply, filing for approval before implementation. C, to participate in the election should have what conditions? The residents’ committee election, over the age of 18 community residents should be in its domicile community voter registration, other communities in the household population of non domicile community for more than 1 years of living, I require registration, by domicile community residents committee issued a voter qualification and not in the domicile certificate of registration. In the non domicile community registration. Excellent talents to enrich the community work experience, ability outstanding non domicile to the election committee, the community can not be confirmed, for more than 1 years of living, but each community should not exceed 2 people. Mentally ill patients who cannot identify themselves are not included in the list. Leave the community for more than 2 years, and on election day and not before.相关的主题文章: