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He devoted his life to helping poor people, architect Nader Khalili with earth created poetic Architecture – Sohu is committed to helping the poor, invented a technique called Superadobe (super building, Tsuchiya) for the elderly, women and children will be able to build a comfortable environment, give yourself with your hands the house. Do not cut down the trees, no longer destroy the earth, can be constructed with soil, as if the earth’s own dust in the construction of houses. The building survived the earthquake ______ 14:11 on April 25, 2015, Nepal (28.2 degrees north latitude and 84.7 degrees east longitude) 8.1 earthquake hit Kathmandu, the focal depth of 20 km, one month after the earthquake in more than 4 265 aftershocks. The epicenter is located in Pokhara, maximum intensity X, heavy intensity area extending from the epicenter to the east. According to statistics, the earthquake killed at least 8786 people were killed and 22303 injured. "This earthquake is a shallow earthquake, the energy released is 1.4 times of the Wenchuan earthquake. A large number of houses collapsed and damaged, resulting in a major disaster. "In this disaster, numerous monuments be destroyed on one day. Including Dalaha lata. Long before the earthquake, the beautiful Dalaha Dalaha lata lata is located in the center of Kathmandu, sun De, is one of the landmark in Kathmandu, nine floors, 61.88 meters. The 1934 earthquake, Darla, which was severely damaged, after repair. Dallas in the earthquake, completely collapsed. Long after the earthquake Dalaha lata group at the temple of Manasseh bead Durbar Square, Nepal Durbar Square is the Palace Square, located in the old city of Kathmandu. In 1979 was named the world cultural heritage. The main body of the earthquake collapsed completely. In this disaster, one of the few buildings in Kathmandu, called Pegasus Happy Home children’s welfare, is one of the few disasters. In the earthquake, the building is only some of the surface of the wall cracks in plastering cement mortar. What makes this building have an amazing earthquake resistance and can withstand such a devastating earthquake. Let’s take a look at the children’s welfare homes built by local villagers and school teachers and students. The architect PegasusHappy Home to help the poor ______ using the super Tsuchiya (Superadobe) technology. Superadobe is also known as the earth building, Superadobe literally called the soil bag engineering prototype. First we come to know about this technology inventor within · Carilli (Nader Khalili). Within the · Carilli is a Iran born American architect, writer and humanist. Within the · Nader Khalili 3; caliri (1936-2008) within · caliri devoted his life to helping the poor people use natural resources to build a comfortable and environmentally friendly home for themselves.  相关的主题文章: