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Han China tourists ride the new release of the dividend policy network designated cruise visa free entry – China overseas network on 14 October, according to South Korea, Asia Chinese network reported that the South Korean government introduced for tourists China favorable policies, this month on specified cruise travel to Korea China tourists visa free entry. South Korean Ministry of justice, 14, said that from October to next year on March, the government will try to sign free policy in the next 6 months. Designated by the government as the main cruise trip in Japan and South Korea, Geshidasai Lina (Costa Serena), Sapphire Princess (Sapphire Princess) and ocean quantum number (Quantum of the Seas). More than the main passenger liner for the Chinese people, so visa policy will focus on Chinese tourists. At present, the tour travel agency designated local Chinese cruise aboard to travel, can get the visa permit 3 days of fighting. After the implementation of the new policy, the freedom to travel without travel agents, can be purchased directly cruise travel products and enjoy visa free entry to South korea. According to the Ministry of justice news, Busan port and Inchon port have been 11, respectively, the trial began on the 12 policy. South Korea’s new government introduced favorable policies designed to attract more Chinese tourists, activate the domestic tourism economy. Travel industry also said that with the entry threshold low, is expected to become the new darling of cruise industry. Recently, the implementation of the visa free entry of Chinese people in Jeju area of criminal cases surge, there is a view that should further strengthen the management of entry and exit. In April this year, take a cruise through Inchon ocean quantum number 5 South Korean tourists arrived in China disappeared after the entry, the voice that the new policy or become another means of illegal immigration. The government said that the recent international cruise is the trend of market development, 6 months after the end of the trial will be based on the results to determine whether the full implementation of this policy. (Mou Yunzhuo)相关的主题文章: