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Hainan is a 14 year old student died mysteriously the police responded by saying is investigating the cause of death – the new net words Jin town Wenchang City cyberspeak a grade two boys A Qiang (a pseudonym) was found dead in the off campus residence within the time of the incident, his hands tied, mouth with transparent plastic, hanging in the house…… In September 9, Haikou newspaper reporter trainee reporter Xing Dongwei correspondent Zhai Xiaogong Wang Anmou in September 7th, the Hainan local network forum post said, in September 7th 13, Wenchang Jinshan middle school second grade boys a hanging station dormitory two floor room in the town of animal husbandry, hands tied up, mouth covered with transparent plastic, after after she died, causing widespread concern in the community. September 8th, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau responded that the autopsy and investigation is underway. The network said, 7 at noon after school, this should be the same as before to return to their relatives home for lunch A Qiang has disappeared, the family did not care about the thought of A Qiang school late or play with classmates, but we still do not see A Qiang after dinner. A two aunt to their residence, a door to see a horrible scene. September 8th, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that, at 13 on September 7th, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau received a public warning, said Kam Town, a young boy was found dead at home in the town of animal husbandry station dormitory floor, two. According to preliminary investigation found that the deceased 14 year old Han, Jin Town, the second grade junior middle school students in Jinshan middle school department. The body location is found Jin Town Animal Husbandry Station dormitory two floor of the deceased domicile. At present, autopsy and investigation is underway. The police suggested that the masses of people don’t forward without the WeChat group, confirmed that the circle of friends, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors. At the same time, the public security organs will spread the dissemination of information that may affect the stability of social rumors to crack down on acts.相关的主题文章: