Guy had lost his ID card was suspected to do credit card owed 4 banks more than 90 thousand yuan-fkzww

The guy who lost identity card allegedly owed 4 banks 90 thousand yuan original title: 28 year old guy "unaware" and "behave yourself, this part of work……" 28 year old Xiao Xing did not expect, will be the bank debt collection, but also owed a total of 4 banks 90 thousand yuan, they do not know. The bank notice thought is fraud small Xing, Xinzheng City, Henan. Graduate School in Xi’an, the job in a communication company. In September 9th, he received a phone call, claiming to be the Bank of China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center staff, said his credit card overdue, so hurry up…… Xiao Xing said, he had never done CITIC Bank credit card, think quite much now this kind of fraud information, he determined to hang up the phone, after a while the other call, said he really is CITIC Bank staff, but also teach Xiao Xing how to verify his identity information. Small Xing through CITIC Bank official customer service, step by step query, the final confirmation of the caller’s number. This is to listen to the other side, said he did a credit card in Guangdong, owed more than ten thousand yuan, so as soon as possible repayment. My home in Henan, school in Xi’an, and now work in Xi’an, has never been to Guangdong, but also did not do CITIC Bank credit card, how to owe money?" Small Xing is very puzzled, the other said that if there is no credit will be affected, if I do not do the card, you need to report to the police, and went to Xi’an CITIC Bank signed a statement. Xiao Xing think, think of lost identity while staying in a hotel in Xi’an in April 2013 PubMed retest. "The bank will not only give people an identity card credit card?" Check jump: when owed 90 thousand yuan? That is not very small Xing started Internet inquiries, he logged in the people’s Bank Credit Information Center China, "it scared me, my name has 4 credit cards all owe money." CITIC Bank owed 17771 yuan, 15993 yuan, less Minsheng Bank made 15506 yuan, 40959 yuan owed to Pudong Development bank. Online can only see the tail number is the number of cards, credit card accounts are not visible." Small Xing will record these information, began to contact with a few banks. Small Xing said, he remembered that his name has a China Merchants Bank credit card, but in March this year, was informed that the risk assessment did not pass, the card was deactivated. Think now, should be subject to these false cards do affect." Small Xing first thought of the alarm, thousands of miles away to take my ID card to do a credit card, my mistake is to lose the identity card, the bank card is how to check? Can I do it if I don’t show up?" In the people’s Bank of China credit inquiry center, the China Daily reporter saw a small Xing school had a personal student loans, but are paid off on time. Xiao Xing said, he has been sub divided work, behave yourself, never did what bad thing, not to mention the bank owed so much money…… Small Xing Guo Du police station to the police, the police said it could not accept. Small Xing said he would carry a mouth to the police as if it is a little less, at least should print a 6相关的主题文章: