Guangxi Ping Tong pharmaceutical involved in illegal operations by the State Food and Drug

Guangxi Ping Tang Pharmaceutical involving illegal operations have been dealt with according to the State Food and Drug Administration announcement of the State Administration of food and Drug Administration "about the regulation of the circulation of drugs illegal acts" (2016 No. ninety-fourth, No. 94, hereinafter referred to as the "notice") deployment, recently, the state food and drug administration organization flight inspection of 26 drug wholesale enterprises, will now check results announcement as follows: first, on-site inspection found that Guangxi Ping Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 16 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises exist serious illegal acts, the specific situation is: 1, Guangxi Ping Tang Pharmaceutical limited liability company suspected of providing conditions for individual drugs illegal. The purchase and sale of seized bill shows, Liu and others (the staff) the enterprise qualification bills, buying and selling drugs, suspected of personal management. Warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system has the application of temperature and humidity data changes, the temperature data recorded in the cool room there are obvious signs of human modification. The area of the warehouse management and the scale does not fit at the warehouse wall mildew, the existence of water. The license is outside the scope of kangaroo storage of drugs, no temperature and humidity monitoring equipment. The company also exists to evade inspection behavior. 2, Tianjin City pharmaceutical wholesale company Qihuang suspected of providing conditions for others illegal drugs. The inspection found that a yuan, Yang, Han and many other people use the business qualification and bills engaged in the sales business. Since 2016, all sales personnel issued by the legal person is the letter of attorney, all sales personnel are using Liu’s power of attorney and identity to carry out sales. Warehouse temperature significantly exceeded, the monitoring system has not alarm. 3, Tianjin sun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Hong Wah suspected of providing conditions for others illegal drugs. Inspection found that GE, Wang, Hu, and many other people use the business qualification and bills engaged in the sales business. Chief financial officer Lee repeatedly to individual accounts to pay cash for the purchase of drugs. Drug storage in the office, and no legal bills. 2016 issued by the legal authority of the sales staff are written into a certain, all sales personnel are used to form a power of attorney and identity to carry out sales. 4, Tianjin City Yue Kang pharmaceutical wholesale Co., Ltd. without permission, without permission to change the registered address of the sale of drugs. Storage of drugs outside the approved address. There are a large number of unknown sources of drugs in the warehouse, there is no purchase records in the computer system, the enterprise can not provide the purchase notes. In the computer system, the quantity of drug stock does not match with the actual stock quantity. Not in accordance with the provisions of the drug storage temperature and humidity monitoring, warehouse temperature significantly exceeded the monitoring system did not alarm. 5, Shanxi Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Ruijie suspected Shanxi and run Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. illegal drug provide premises. Sales of drugs do not invoice, can not be votes, accounts, goods, money consistent. Shanxi Ruijie Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. also allegedly fictitious flow of drugs, from the review (go along with the goods) display, the enterprise will Human Albumin and many batches of therapeutic BCG sold to a number of retail pharmacies, but the extension of inspection found that the relevant pharmacies are never received drugs. 6, Harbin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.相关的主题文章: