Guangdong court for the first time to invite deputies to the city to focus on inspections – China

Guangdong court for the first time invited deputies across the central inspection – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 20, (Suo Youwei Pan Lingna) in September 19 to 20, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court invited more than 20 national and provincial people’s Congress on behalf of a special inspection Maoming court, the Guangdong court for the first time invited deputies across the central inspection. In order to further improve and deepen people’s Congress liaison work, clear understanding of the work of the court deputies of the channel, better accept the supervision of the NPC and its standing committee. The delegates visited the site in Guangdong Province, Maoming City Intermediate People’s court, Maoming City Maonan District People’s Court of new Pozhen convenience litigation services center and the people’s court in the mansion, Dianbai District People’s Government of the forest right administrative dispute case trial, visited Maoming Hengxing company and Sinopec Maoming Company name. Delegates to the Guangdong court to deepen judicial reform, justice for the people, the convenience of the people, to provide service and guarantee judicial opinions and to legally dispose of zombie companies, service supply side economic development work to give praise. Some people said that this trip deeply felt the impact and change of the judicial reform, a more intuitive understanding of the understanding and then support the court’s judicial reform, the implementation of the trial and other work. Delegates at the forum to actively share the inspection experience, and make recommendations. According to statistics, the first half of the province’s courts visited representatives at all levels, members 2612 people, invited to attend the trial, witnessed the implementation of the activities of 128 trips 569. Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong High Court party standing vice president Huo Min at the briefing, the Guangdong court to deepen the reform of the judicial system, and actively participate in the construction of rule of law in Guangdong. From 1 to July this year, a total of all kinds of cases handled by an increase of about 1 million 94 thousand and 800, an increase of 23.74%. Expected in the second half of the province’s new cases will continue to show growth. Guangdong court will focus on judicial handling of the first priority, maintaining social fairness and justice. Insisting on serving the overall situation and ensuring the overall economic and social development in Guangdong. To further promote the reform of the judicial system and boost the modernization of the judicial system and judicial capacity. Guangdong High Court Division to do the responsible person, the Guangdong judicial reform as one of the first batch of pilot provinces, in November 2014 officially launched the pilot reform of the province’s court has been included in the scope of the pilot. Guangdong Province on the province’s overall, judges in the case of trial staffing, team building, flat management, clear court officials supervising positive list, negative list, promote the auxiliary team construction experience and practice, from the central political and Law Commission, the Supreme People’s court’s affirmation and promotion. Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC in the lead in the introduction of "Guangdong province labor contract system of judicial assistant personnel management Interim Provisions", clearly established the contract judicial auxiliary ranks of the province’s standard, implementing three level management system nine. (end)相关的主题文章: