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Sports-and-Recreation Visiting Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience that everyone will surely enjoy. The many viewpoints and tourist spots make it an exciting vacation for the entire family. Visit GrandCanyonHotels.Us for the many listings of available hotels in the area and to get the best deal. The vastness of the Grand Canyon is simply majestic, and its only natural that many tourists are attracted to visit the place. Though it is not the deepest gorge in the earth, this is the widest and the most dramatic of all and there is no .parison to its beauty and splendor, as well as the history belonging to it. If you are planning to visit Grand Canyon you need just have to consider a few things to make your visit more memorable and satisfying. The peak season is almost year round, but the best time and fewer crowds would be in the months of November to February, however you need to consider winter weather during these months. Whatever time of the year, you have to book hotel reservations in advance to make sure you will have ac.modations. There are many cheap hotels and lodging that can easily fit your budget and still offers convenience during your stay. Visiting the Grand Canyon can overwhelm your senses since it has a lot of vantage points to start your journey. In particular there are five major destinations to choose from and plan activities accordingly. South Rim, North Rim, Inner Canyon, River and Tuweep are all perfect to make your entrance to the Grand Canyon; they offer different landscapes and characters uniquely, their own which makes it harder to select your destination. First is the South Rim, it is the most popular starting point for many visitors which are very busy during summer and you may have to put up with traffic congestion and parking problems. Weather is mild from April to May and lowest rainfall is from May and June with the highest in August. The sun only reaches the bottom of the canyon for a few hours during mid-winter and night temperatures are usually below freezing. Points of Interest to visit are Canyon View Center, Mather Point, Desert View Drive (Highway 64), Hermits Rest, Rim Trail, Pipe Creek Vista, Maricopa Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Havasupai Indian Reservation and Hualapai Indian Reservation. Next is the North Rim, which is about 8,000 feet above sea level, higher than the South Rim, which is only about 7,000 feet above level. These scenic viewpoints offer visitors the experience of looking at the vastness of the canyon instead of its depth. Points of Interests are Point Imperial, Cape Royal, Marble Canyon, Unkar Delta, Angels Window, Desert View Watchtower, Point Sublime and Grand Canyon Lodge. Also, the Inner Canyon or Backcountry offers the most extensive hiking experience for both experienced and none experienced a like. The vastness of the Canyon will surely challenge your mental and physical endurance and you will need a lot of preparation before proceeding to this part. It also offers a rich natural beauty and immense size that it is worth all your effort to try and walk across the vast land. River tripping opportunities however can be enjoyed in 3 ways. The 1-2 Days .mercial River Trip, whitewater and the smooth water trip at Colorado River between the Glen Canyon Dam and the Lees Ferry or from Quartermaster or Diamond Creek. The 2 to 5 Non .mercial River Trips launch starting at Diamond Creek to Lake Mead. And of course the Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek River Trips offers motor and non-motor whitewater rafting starting at Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek. Lastly is the Tuweep that offers a 3,000 vertical view of the Colorado River. The sight is breathtaking and the very steep drop is very dramatic and impressive. This viewpoint is considered the most unique in Grand Canyon. So, for an individual who wants to have a different kind of adventure, with all things done and prepared, need not hesitate to .e and have a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience on one of the worlds natural giant wonders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: