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The governor of Jiangsu province Shi Taifeng: resolutely curb housing prices in Jiangsu recently held a real estate forum to curb housing prices Chinese securities network (reporter Liu Xianghong) following the beginning of September 26th to the city property purchase restrictions, Nanjing city continue to increase market regulation, since October 1st, will suspend accepting loans for commercial revolution which means. The implementation of more than a year in the Nanjing revolution business loans policy end. The industry believes that, in the role of superimposed policy, regardless of the housing market or the land market in Nanjing, regardless of land prices or prices, cooling may be a high probability event. Last August 25th, in order to alleviate the pressure of the provident fund loans, housing provident fund management center in Nanjing issued "public business" provisions. The so-called "public business loan discount" refers to the housing provident fund loan fund center handling bank for examination and approval in accordance with the individual housing provident fund loans, issuance of commercial individual housing loans to borrowers with their own funds. According to the borrower provident fund loan fund center rules to repay the principal and interest of loans, the provident fund center according to the rules of commercial individual housing loans to the lending bank debt, and the commercial lending rates higher than the provident fund loan interest rate interest margin subsidies loan mode. It is reported that the CCB is revolution of business "big", since September last year, has a total payment revolution business loans 6 billion 414 million yuan. It is worth noting that, before the introduction of this policy, Jiangsu Province in September 28th held a real estate forum, governor Shi Taifeng personally presided over. The meeting, Shi Taifeng pointed out that the city government should assume the main responsibility to curb housing prices attitude must be resolutely, the flag must be bright, measures must be solid. Prices rise too fast, we must adhere to the treatment of both the symptoms, both to introduce acute measures, but also to study the long-term program, from the two aspects of supply and demand precise regulation. At the meeting, the Jiangsu provincial housing department recently proposed three priorities, "adjust the perfect provident fund policy" is one of the "guide municipalities according to the actual situation of the real estate market, in support of the urban workers’ basic housing consumption at the same time, the rapid rise in house prices, housing fund loan rate is higher in the city, the timely adjustment of the provident fund the loan amount and extraction conditions". This also seems to be regarded as the background of the Nanjing fund policy adjustments. In a series of regulatory policy, the Nanjing property market began to cool. Reporters visited found that the major sections of the major projects of water storage customers have a certain degree of reduction, and some real estate customers to reduce water consumption by nearly half, of which the highest impact of high-end real estate. For example: a North mansion is expected before the National Day opening, sold a total of about 340 sets of listings, before the more than and 800 groups from the customers, now only about 500 groups, reduced by nearly half. Prior to the purchase, opening daylight has become one of the major developers of the minimum requirements. And now, whether the sun has become a problem. A property consultant told reporters that although the current supply is less than demand, but compared to before the purchase, grab the room to reduce the intensity of a lot of. Nanjing University of Technology Tiancheng real estate institute executive director, Professor Wu Xianghua believes that the limit of相关的主题文章: