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Gone with the wind commitment, who failed to live up to? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Zhao Yanwei love who who failed to live up to the small Yan to go out of town, this time the family is to relocate to Xinjiang to go. Before leaving the small Yan most reluctant her lover is small. Although they love so long, both sides did not always cross the line. That night, the moonlight is very good, Xiaoyan and small micro walking in the moonlight under the shade, two people remained silent for a long time. Finally, a small micro or break the quiet, a little hoarse voice Road, Yan, you will come back? Xiaoyan has been crying, I don’t know. I really don’t want to go, but my parents don’t agree. Xiaoyan finished is the initiative to embrace the small micro. Small micro gently stroked the long hair of the swallow, the heart of the five mixed. Xiaoyan sobbed, brother, how do we do ah. Looking at the moon and sighing, I’ll wait for you to come back. We are still small, later we grow up, or I find you. Xiaoyan gently nodded, I will wait for you. Xiaoyan left, small micro that day did not go out, he did not go to send her, I am afraid that they can not control the sad, let each other more sad. After years, their letters as general hongyan. But after a few months later, the small Yandu not received small letters. The little swallow does not know how to write a letter, but each one is no echo. At the same time, Xiaoyan parents began to persuade Xiao Yan to give up this section of the impossible feelings. Small Yan heartbroken, she did not know why suddenly not small wrote to her. Small is no small Yan letters, his heart is a burst of pain, finally thought, perhaps Xiaoyan has a sweetheart. Only the other side is happy, he should also come out. After many years, Xiaoyan married, with children. She wanted to see the original home, then small why suddenly change? Xiao Yan took the children back. When she learned that small and micro still single, I felt a pain, then is inexplicable refreshing. Small micro saw the moment of Xiaoyan, tears blurred eyes. Xiaoyan privately asked small micro, why cut off otonobu? Why don’t you reply to a letter I wrote to you? Small heart quiver, this is impossible. Don’t know when he wrote a number of letters, is no echo. Small micro did not explain, but against the road, because I was in love with others. Two heavy clap slap, Xiao Yan cried, she took the children away, never to return. Back home, the children do not be inadvertently delivered everywhere carry off all that one has, in a package. Xiaoyan is very angry, just want to get angry, but found that the package is actually not open all the letters. Xiaoyan hurriedly opened the package, actually all is oneself as well as small and micro letters, this moment she finally understood the truth. She has a howling cry. (pictures from the canopy net) stay tuned for more exciting content @ Sina)相关的主题文章: