Golden week sales of gold nearly 3 years ago to grab gold aunt is still a loss in China – Sohu finan

Golden Week gold does not sell nearly 3 years ago, the gold rush aunt Chinese still has an impact of Fukui – Sohu financing by the holiday economy and the traditional wedding customs of the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival, and National Day approach has always been the gold selling "season", and "Securities Daily" reporters in Beijing on the market to find Huang Jinxiao golden week is approaching, and did not give Gold retail market much of the stimulus, visited the Gold retail counter, for the upcoming golden week, sales staff very calm, "our price is very stable, will not change radically, there should be promotion during the golden week, but it’s not clear." Some sales staff said. Behind the sales trend is calm, is 3 years ago because of panic buying of gold and a famous battle of the "China aunt who, or will still face a loss situation, accept the" Securities Daily "interview with the personnel market gold retail and analysts are mentioned before, gold prices, gold investors in the 3 years ago, if not sold, the book may still have a deficit. The retail price of gold has concussion according to the "Securities Daily" reporter for the Beijing Gold retail market visits the current Beijing market retail price of 328 yuan gold grams, "today’s price is 303 yuan, but also to calculate the fee, if all together, should be 328 yuan in g." In a brand jewelry stores, sales staff is explained. In another store and the store not far from the price of gold at $329 grams, no additional fee, but if you are a member, the price will be reduced to 5 yuan per gram. Throughout the market since this year, the current gold prices fell compared to the beginning of the year. In February this year, the "Securities Daily" as a consumer reporter visited the Beijing retail market, at that time, the retail price of gold climbed to 340 yuan g, when sales staff, the price of gold has a different rise at the time every day. Www provides information, since this year the domestic price of gold rose about 25%, after entering in August, the price of gold out of the wave of rising prices. Since the first month highs of nearly 10 yuan. Hua Wen futures research report mentioned in the previous years, the Fed rate hike is expected to increase, the price of the precious metal bearing, although the market has the chance of a rate hike in September down, but the rate hike may not eliminate the short term, gold will not reduce the pressure. Another research report that, from the point of view of gold holdings, the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDR Gold Trust holdings of 3.86 tons compared with the previous trading day. This is mainly because investors choose to temporarily avoid the risk of events caused by. The price of gold is currently hovering around the 100 day moving average, showing both sides are currently awaiting the risk event settled, and immediately ready to open a new round of state trend. According to WWW survey shop situation, this year’s gold demand was significantly lower than in previous years. The reason for the shop staff to reflect, with the rising price of consumer boycott: "this year the price of gold rose, suppressed consumer demand, gold, investment)相关的主题文章: