Global monetary easing commodity futures have downward

Global monetary easing commodity futures have fallen pressure on the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After the Securities Times reporter Shen Ning Chen Dongsheng last week following the overseas market "black Friday", the domestic futures market linkage Monday plummeted, the diving plate almost across the board. As of yesterday’s close, the Mandarin commodity index fell 1.46% to 126.25 points, led by industrial products; in the financial futures market, the three major stock index futures with spot bond futures also fell sharply. Experts in the industry, the futures market investors is an important reason for easing concerns about the global collective diving suspension. Are you experiencing a global liquidity inflection point? Futures market in the future will be how to behave? The Securities Times reporter with many of Green Dahua Futures Institute Li Yongmin Hengtai, chief economist Jiang Mingde and chaos Tiancheng futures futures research institute Ye Yanwu interview. Loose liquidity inflection point or near the Securities Times reporter: the release of the Fed rate hike signal, the European Central Bank monetary policy in the near future China halt the troops and wait, also tend to neutral, with a view of global easing pause, we are at a turning point in global liquidity steering. In this regard, how do you see? Jiang Mingde: whether the liquidity has been the turning point, this remains to be seen, but the marginal effect of monetary policy and reduce the negative effect due to long-term liquidity easing to bring asset price bubbles as it exists objectively. Personal opinion, not to continue the implementation of monetary policy easing the possibility of single and comprehensive utilization, including monetary policy, fiscal policy and structural reform policies will be the basic method in the future for a period of time, this is the group of 20 (G20) signal of the meeting to pass out. Because of this, there is a persistent view of convective mobility should be vigilant. Ye Yanwu: just finished the G20 conference clearly passed the global monetary policy variable frequency signal, the negative interest rate is essentially an overseas economic crisis of the apparent characteristics of the damage to the real economy is difficult to measure. China’s central bank has moved ahead of time in late August, so it can be seen that the global liquidity inflection point has emerged. Commodities facing pressure Securities Times reporter: liquidity changes in the futures market will have what impact? On Monday, the domestic futures market overall adjustment, the main reason is what? Ye Yanwu: first, the direct cause of U.S. stocks plunged is North Korea’s nuclear test triggered the Korean stock market slump and the Fed continues to infection, superposition of expectations and hawks on Thursday the European Central Bank is not loose, and the entire market trading position is too crowded, so adjust the strength of very intense; secondly, for this is a bear market in the structure the commodity is tantamount to one disaster after another, due to the global low growth and low inflation pattern did not change, commodity bear market rebound in addition to the supply side adjustment, and outside the capital configuration support, so the pressure marginal changes in overall liquidity of goods should not be underestimated, such as the recent iron ore, thread. To sum up, the individual believes that with the focus of domestic policy相关的主题文章: