Give Hilary punters in advance of the Irish gambling website embarrassing denka

Hilary gave punters money ahead of Irish gambling sites embarrassed US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump 9, was elected the new president of Ireland, to large gambling sites "Paddy power" embarrassed. Paddy forces spokesman, said: "we are to do the forecast, take great risks to the punters in advance of the money to send Hilary Clinton, but God, we are wrong."." Paddy forces previously identified, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary win set in October, in advance to bet on the customer to pay nearly $1 million in, Hilary. According to the bet who bet at the time, Hilary’s winning probability was 85.7%, the probability of winning the election is only 18.2% Trump. In the gambling site, these two figures add up to more than 100%, because some of them are gambling website profits. "Paddy power" provides the data show that the first week of November, Trump had begun to reverse. Trump wins the election and the number of funds more than Hilary. According to the "Paddy power", the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James Comi announced in October 28th to restart the investigation on the eve of Hilary served as secretary of state during the use of private servers to handle confidential messages, Trump in this website to attract gambling has been with Hilary equals. At that time, a number of polls show Hilary ahead of Trump. David said: "we really got a blow from Trump. His victory allows us to pay for the company’s history the biggest political spending money. Our faces are full of very, very expensive eggs." "Patti power" will pay 4 million euros ($4 million 960 thousand) to customers who bet on Mr. Trump. However, this "face" did not dampen "Patti power" interest in Trump. The site has organized several special predictions about Trump. The site is now Trump was re elected in 2020 the odds set to 4 / 1, in the US Mexico border to establish a complete wall odds set to 20 / 1, to become Russia after Trump took his country’s odds for equal odds. This is not the first prediction of the failure of Patti power. Britain held before the European referendum, Paddy force website shows that stay in Europe as high as 90%. (Bu Xiaoming) (Xinhua special feature)相关的主题文章: