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Book-Reviews The moment it got published in the year 1960, Maria Puzos The Godfather, started to set sales records. It became the fastest selling novel of its own time. The popularity took a leap with when in 1972 Francis Ford Coppola released its movie version. The movie won numerous accolades and everyone purchased the book. Even the movie was making high revenues and critics had cited it to be one of the greatest American books ever written or movies ever made. The book had two sequels, written by Puzo. If you have been looking for the authentic version of this book, then you can opt in for online shopping forums. The novel remained in print for a long time and about 21 million copies were sold worldwide. The main plot revolves around Vito Corleone, leader of organized crime back in 1940s. He is one who is known for his quiet persuasion. He .manded .plete loyalty from people who wanted favors out of him. On the other hand, the ones who detracted and cheated him, he used to treat them mercilessly. When there were other criminals who were trying to involve his organization in a drug trade, Corleone resists. However, the shield of strength and power that he had built around his family felt threatened at that moment. The Crime Lord wanted to secure his family for which he passes his rule and supremacy to one of his three sons. As you review The Godfather by Puzo, you will find that it depicted the crime scenario prevalent in America, and highlighted the various aspects of violence and greed that ruled the underworld, giving an emphasis on respect, family, pride and honor. The character of Godfather, i.e. Vito Corleone at times has been .pared with Holden Caulfield and Huckleberry Finn, as an archetype, a persona that was so real for an American that though it was a fictional character he seemed true to everyone. Apart from being just one crime genre novel, The Godfather shares nuances of the immigrant families who are still trying to fir the American mainstream life. As you read the book, you shall agree that Maria Puzo is a great storyteller. The story would appeal to you as an impassioned chronicle that throws light on unf.ettable characters and the intricacies of the crime world. Purchasing the novel from the leading online books portal is a good idea, as it would save your time and money. In addition to that, you can even bag in the book at attractive discounts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: