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Small Business Many a times, we have come to terms with the permanent loss of our favorite and costly mobile phone sets. Because we know that it is nearly impossible to track the lost mobile and secure its recovery. In such situations, sheer hopelessness prevails and nothing can be done than expecting a good Samaritan to find out the lost cell and return us the same. However, e-tags service is now enabling mobile carriers to secure mobile that are either stolen or lost in occasionally visited places like park, coffee house, shopping mall, sub-way etc. Is your mobile phone stolen or lost recently? If yes and you are looking for support to get it back at the earliest then e-tags are surely going to help you. These tags are basically lost and found tags through which communication can be established between the mobile owner and finder. Sometimes, the recovery of missing mobile could not be facilitated due to lack of owner contact details. The e-tag service providers have recognized this problem and produced highly efficient, sticky and user friendly tags for helping finders to return mobile. Once you purchase and activate your lost mobile tag, you can secure protection of your cell from theft and loss. With them, your finders can not only drop you a message about the lost cell but also get rewarded on sending it back to you. A stolen or lost mobile device is always a big loss and gives rise to anxiety due to loss of all important and personal data stored on it. And we cant do more than filing a missing complaint report with the nearby police station and contacting the customer care service to block the SIM in Mobile. But none of the above steps can assure us recovery of the missing or stolen mobile along with all the valuable and confidential information stored on it. However, mobile carriers are using e-tags and securing their missing mobiles without much hassle. When lost mobile tag was first launched doubt was still there on its success. But putting to rest all the concerns, it has helped mobile users to secure mobile sets through unique label numbers obtained at the time of registration. All those who dont want to lose their newly purchased mobiles can certainly consider fixing these e-tags for getting a call from the finder without any delay. The e-tag providers often fix a reward to encourage and honor honest finders. So, you can expect the tags to give thieves a tough challenge. After discovering the tag, your finder can visit the website address given on it and also enter the ID to send you a message for return mobile purpose. With all these exciting facilities available with e-tags service, you should not stay back using it for securing lost or stolen mobile. How e-Tag Service Can Help You? . The e-TAG service often comes with the following features: The e-tags are generally easy and user friendly. All you have to do is to fix the label on your mobile, register with the respective website and activate it for ultimate recovery in case of theft or lost. The tag providers are always approachable and your finder can either email or message them about the lost item from anywhere. They dont put your identity at stake and facilitate recovery through ID given on the label. They have a reward scheme to appreciate and honor your mobile finders. Author Information:- Allen Simpson is an e-tag expert analyzing and bringing the beneficial features before mobile users to help them lost mobile, lost cell without much price. He recommends the use of tags to ensure recovery of your secure mobile in minimum possible time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: